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Name: Pia Carrot 2 OVA Menu 2 (80.83% in 12 votes)
Platform: VHS/VCD
Company: PinkPineApple
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Lamuness

This second episode of the 3-part series centers around Jun Kagurazaka, the only "male" part-timer in Pia Carrot besides Kujin. As we all know by now, Jun is actually a girl disguised as a guyworking at Pia Carrot for whatever reason.

The episode starts off with some slight humor with Azusa being offended when she sees Kujin sleeping with the door open but with something "erect" and "moving." Azusa gets all wild and slams the door shut which turned the bedroom into a heating oven because of no ventilation. Kujin was then late for work and he couldn't get changed into his uniform because the male change room was locked from inside by Jun who was changing as well. Kujin complains that Jun shouldn't be so shy to lock the door while changing, and later quarrels with Azusa for shutting the door. When Kyoko orders them to serve some customers both of them turned to a new leaf and became awfully friendly...

Later during Jun and Kujin's break-time they were reading the announcement of the Pia Carrot trip to the hot springs, and the 2 of them have to share the same hotel room. At that time, Yusuke, the store manager plus hero in Pia Carrot 1, orders the 2 to unload the delivery goods from a truck. Kujin again complains that Jun is too
weak and could not lift anything, and due to an accident, they knocked all the goods down from the truck and the 2 fell onto the ground, and go ahead and imagine what Kujin's hands were pressing against...Jun slaps Kujin twice while he was unconscious.

The same day was the summer festival, and Kujin asks Jun to come along that night to hang around at the festival do some flirting. That night, Kujin couldn't find Jun, but rather saw a really cute girl in kimono (Jun) and the 2 starts to walk towards each other when the rest of the gang recognizes Kujin and stops him.

On to the hot spring trip. Kujin, in order to avoid the gang from catching him, sneaks out of the hotel with Jun to do some flirting. Although the 2 couldn't find any girls, Jun and Kujin had a fun time together playing, and the 2 got along very well, which made Azusa very jealous. At night, Kujin felt too tired and slept, and Jun took advantage of this opportunity to take a bath at the hot springs by herself so she doesn't have to be naked in front of Kujin. Unfortunately, Kujin caught up with her, and despite her hard efforts to "hide" herself, after seeing too much of Kujin's genitals, she fainted and that's when Kujin realized that Jun is actually a girl.

Kujin remained calm and took Jun to the room and let her rest. When Jun woke up she explained that she wanted to apply for a performing arts school and the entrance exam is to act the role of a girl who falls in love with a guy but had to disguise as a guy to get close to him. Therefore she decided to act like a guy by working in Pia Carrot, but realized that after she met Kujin, she actually becomes this "girl" in the entrance exam theme. In other words, she likes Kujin. Blah Blah Blah...

After that, Jun quitted the job to do her entrance exam and expand on her acting career. The episode ends with a preview of the third episode, with Yusuke introducing the new staff to replace Jun - Mina, Azusa's little sister.

This episode is as funny as ever...much more humorous than Menu 1, because of how Azusa gets all upset and jealous over Kujin, and how Jun acts to hide her female identity from everybody. As an animation, the artwork is just as good as Menu 1.

Just like Menu 1, Pia Carrot 2 OVA Menu 2 is very entertaining and humorous H-OVA of one of the most famous Hgames ever made. Obviously, if you love Pia Carrot the game and/or have watched Menu 1, u should not miss out this.
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