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Name: Omega Boost (28.00% in 5 votes)
Type: ACT
Platform: PSX
Company: Sony
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Tamahome

Many great 3D action shooters were released in the past for different platforms such as Panzer Dragoon series for the Saturn and StarFox 64 for N64. However one must come to realize that there are virtually no 3D action shooters that can be considered a state of the art game. Sony computer entertainment has finally created a 3D action shooter that can be considered good :) From the creators of gran turismo comes a game with very high quality CG graphics, excellent replay value and many hours of fun.

I didn't really pay much attention to the story itself (cause I was so abosrbed in playing the actualy game :) ), but judging from the CG cut scenes, I could tell that the story is very similar to Terminator. In the future, a monster was created by human being, and the main character was send back to the past to stop the monster from being created :). the main character rides in a huge mech called the Omega Boost, and he is to take on a whole army of enemies in order to get back to the past.

The game takes place in a 360 degree environment, which means that doging bullets, especially homing ones, could be tough. however, the game is not too hard, because of the easy attack interface. For the first two level, the enemies are a piece of cake, and you can easily beat the level. After the first 2 level, you get a new ability. The ability to use the viper booster. A special move that makes the omega boost invincible as well as repeatadly attack the enemy depending on how full the gauge is. The levels gets progressively harder. And level 8 is just impossible. Imagaine beating 2 boss characters in 100 seconds.

Here are the ratings I give to this game:

Graphics: 8/10

Definitely a game with great graphics. The intro is awesome and the in game graphics are also top of the line production.

Music: 7/10

I didn't really hear the music with all the explosions and laser sound effects, but there are a few english music tracks which are pretty catchy. The sound effects are done nicely and all the speeches are done in english.

Gameplay: 9/10

Awesome is the word to describe the gameplay. The gameplay is wicked. It definitely beats the macross digital mission VFX. The enemies are harder and the controsl are easier to grasp. Although the stages lack vareity, the game is still fun. After finishing the game, more zones will be opened up for you the play. the replay feature is also a plus to the game. The replay feature allows the player to watch themselves play thru the entire stage :)

Story: 6/10

not the most original story in the world, but hey it is passable. I mean how often do you concentrate on the story of an action game :)

Overall: 8/10

This is definitely one of the better 3D shooters out for any console right now, but I don't want to make any solid recommendations yet due to the fact that macross Digital mission VFX 2 is due out shortly, and I am expecting a lot from that :)

Omega boost is copyrighted by sony and all rights are reserived to that company.

Please feel free to email me at for more info.
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