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Name: Oudou Yuusha (71.25% in 8 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Alicesoft
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Alice Soft, the founder of Rance, Alice Mansion, and Toshin Toshi, has yet released another great hit to the Japanese computer gaming industry. Oudou Yuusha is another fine game that will keep you in front of you computer for hours. Released on April 2, 1998, Oudou Yuusha will be another promising game made from one of the top PC-game seller in Japan.

In case you have not known too much about Japanese computers gaming, Alice Soft achieves its fame for making games with outstanding gameplay. One of their best games they released was Rance. This SLG type game added with H-content has brought out a new wave of game to Japan. Not only will you be able to enjoy playing a "game," you will also be delighted by the beautiful scenes. Since the first Rance was published years ago, Alice has released several games that are similar to Rance. And this time, Alice released a game with RPG type that will be proven to be better and more exciting than Rance, Oudou Yuusha.

The story behind Oudou Yuusha is that you wake up somewhere in the west continent with no idea who you are and where you are from. After you gain your consciousness, you realized that a little girl named Maruushyu has rescued you. Since then you have been living with the girl and a dragon knight named World. At there, you learned your sword skill and basic battle technique from World. Two years later, you decided to uncover your past identity. With a farewell with Maruushyu and World, you will began your journey of uncovering your past identity and fall into the inescapable fate of defeating the evil spirit that surrounds the east continent. At the east continuant, you will began your quest of collecting the five crystals that the goddess of creation has split into for the hope that you will reveal about your past identity. While on journey, you will meet enemies, friends, teachers, and of course girls that later will proven to play an important role upon your quest of saving th e world.

From my past experience, Oudou Yuusha was inevitably one of the greatest game I have ever played. It is very hard to believe that computer games can be as good as console games. Most of the time, you would probably find console games with more interesting plot and better gameplay than computer games. However, Oudou Yuusha is one of the exceptions. The gameplay is superb with countless option that you can choose from. From sword skills, to magic, and to items, you can surely be drawn into the game. However, what's even better is the story. With romantic and emotional scenes added into the game, you will want to know more about the relationship between the main character and the girls that he met. If you like romance story, this one should be a great title for you to try despite of its H-content. But for those RPG fans or H-game lover, Oudou Yuusha will still keep you happy for hours.


Graphics - 9/10 Alice Soft has known for its superior drawings. If you have been playing Alice's game for some times now, you should know that their graphic is superb. Best of all, the game uses such high quality pictures that it requires at least 800x600 resolution and at least 16-bit color are used. Although the H-pictures are hard to get as in all Alice's games, you would feel very rewarding when you find all of them.

Gameplay - 10/10 I don't usually give perfect rating since gameplay in computer games are some what inferior than the consoles. However, this game really shows what computer can do. With so many options you can choose and such an easy-to-use system, almost anybody will enjoy playing this game. One feature that I found very useful that some RPG lacks is that you can just press a button to fight an enemy. In this way, you can level up fairly easily. If you play RPG, you know how painful it is for you to walk around trying to find some enemy to fight for level up. This "Enemy Search" option allows you to level up easily without spending the time walking aimlessly in hope to fight enemies.

Story - 9.5/10 At first, I thought it was just another simple "find your past" type of game. However, as I get deeper into the game, I realized that it has more of a plot than finding your own past. You will need to save the world by fighting the devil. The best part, however, is the development and understanding of the relation between the main characters and the girls he met. You will slowly help a girl to open her heart to accept human race. You will help a girl, later you will realize she you're sister, to regain her freedom. All these make Oudou Yuusha very enjoyable to play with.

Music - ??/10 Unfortunately, I played the ripped version of this game. The only sound included in this game was the sound of owl and maybe some sword swinging. Therefore, I was unable to give a rating on how good the music in this game really is. However, one thing I can be sure is that, music will inevitably enhance the mood of this game.

AliceSoft copyrights Oudou Yuusha and related items.
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