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Name: One on One
Type: FUN
Platform: PSX
Company: Jorudan
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Tabris

After a long time of sitting back, watching other people do reviews for the first school quarter, i finally found the time and effort to do some reviews (which is over my stupid christmas vacation). This game review is nothing like the others at all, simply because this game is a sports game. You might wonder what the hell is Bell and Lamuness and the rest of the staff thinking for letting me write a review for a Sports game. This is because THIS sports game is done by a very well known artist inoue takehiko (êSÅpùYòF). Yes, he is the guy who made the very famous manga Slamdunk.

This game is very similar to the manga Slamdunk in that the CG drawings or the characters are almost identical *maybe because it is drawn by the same guy*. The object of the game is to beat the other opponent on a one on one half court game. This game is separated in to two rounds, each of 40 seconds. The first round is when you tip off. The round ends when a person scores 6 points or above or time runs out. Then the second round starts witht he computer tiping off. This round is essential because who ever scores up to 11 points or have a higher score when time runs down wins. It doesn't matter that you win the first round. There are also fouls but this is only when the person is in the act of shooting and you hit him. No foul would be called when he is dribbling. Everytime a person scores, gets his ball stolen, goes out of bounds, or the other person got the rebound, the possesion changees. But you start from top of the three point zone when you change.

One of the qualities of the game is the basketball moves they have. There are many special dunks, special shots, and special dribbling move that each character have. The special dunks and special lay up shots are easy to make in. After making these shots in, the gauge on the top of the screen shifts. This means that your confidence grew and your shot accuracy increased. There is also a practice mode for beginners, practice shots, practice one on one offense and defense. Also there are mini games that you have. It is a three point shoot out and free throw contest. I must admit that this game is really fun, even lthough the outside shoots are really hard and requires a lot of practice. Besides the outside shoots, the game is really easy and you can probably beat the computer with just dunks and lay ups. One thing i do like to mention is that there are a two monsters in the game. One that have wings and the other one is a monkey. Luka (the angel) can fly to the basket and dunk and Manbe (the monkey) uses his tail and can also hop over you. This makes the game seems real easy.

The music in the game is not bad and the graphics aren't that bad either, considering the characters are rendered using polygons, none of the unrealism is shown. But one thing i would comment on about the game is the graphics of the background. The background is so poorly done that it makes it seem like a rushed work and game. Another thing is the opening and ending is really poor. The graphics in those fields doesn't really stand out.

Overall, this game is pretty fun and that even though the opening screen, backgrounds, and endings are pretty bad, the fun factor in the game is very high. Maybe because you can play two players and that when you beat the game, you see some original sketches made by Inoue himself on the game.
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