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Name: Be-Reave Primary (70.00% in 2 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Unisonshift
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Sympathy

Be-Reave Primary is a collection of short unrelated H-AVG stories, each drawn by different artists. You start out with 3 stories to choose from. The introductory movie seems to hint that more stories may be unlocked as you complete the stories first available to you.

The gameplay is that of a typical japanese H-AVG, with choices to make on what to say and do. Though the length of each story is pretty short, there are many crossroads to be made that do have an impact on the flow of the story, unlocking various events and scenes and perhaps even multiple endings. There is more to each story than meets the eye. After you complete each story, a green bar will show how much of that story you have covered, giving you an indicator of something you may have missed. A very useful feature indeed.

Each story is unique and interesting; an AVG in it's own right, with frequent and well-drawn events and a nice flow. However, their short lengths, especially for those stories with a more likeable art style, may leave the player somewhat disappointed and wanting for more, while others may find some less likeable stories to be something they'd rather not pay money for. Well, it IS a compilation of stories.

The graphics standard for the game is truly excellent, with the wonderful CG talents of many different artists on display. H scenes are few and far between but are of a very high quality. It's almost a gallery of what this game company has the potential of creating, whetting the appetites of it's potential customers to the likely contents of upcoming products. Keep an eye out for upcoming titles from this company.

Hhow does one rate on a compilation of different artistes? All I can say is there is a little bit of something for every AVG fan. Some may love one art style or storyline and hate others. The variety is certainly refreshing and the stories may appeal to many japanese speaking AVG players out there. The short length of the stories may also leave players wanting. This may not be a compilation of greatest hits but who knows. Hard-core H-gamers may find the short gameplay and low number of H CGs disappointing but discerning CG collectors and AVG lovers might find a diamond in the rough here.
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