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Name: Yan Yan no Gekitou Dousokai (Yan2) (83.08% in 13 votes)
Type: FUN
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Tenshindo
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Kyubi Fox

This game is a Uno clone with oriental style graphics. There are four colours: Blue, White, Black and Red. They are all represented by an animal in mythologies but they really do nothing in the game. The cards are all there: Numbers, Skip, Reverse, Draw 2 & 4, and Change Colour. In the game you play Uno with 4 people of your choice for three rounds. The one who lost most will H. So basically you are guaranteed to see H unless you suck.

At the end there are some surprises. There are 6 boxes empty for secret characters. Three girls, two groups of three alien girls, and then...a group of three guys! After you beat the three guys, you will even fight the mascot Yan Yan herself! It is pretty sick but I guess Tenshindo wants to make it a game for EVERYONE.

Gameplay - 4/10 - This game is fun for the first hour, and then you will be struggling until you reached the secret characters. This is mainly due to the social nature of Uno. Without real human opponents you can't really get the fun out of it. Also the opponents in the beginning are extremely stupid.

Music/Sound - 3/10 - I don't think there are any music in the game. The most you will hear is Yan Yan(the red kid) saying "Round One, start!" and things like that. The voice is pretty cute but not enough.

Graphics - 7/10 + 2/10 - The card graphics are great. Elegantly designed with Kanji's and Numbers. For the Draw 2, 4 cards there are the animal in the background so they look cool. H graphics are of the clean type. I don't like it too much. Just look at the screen shots. The extra 2/10 is bonus for the huge number of girls. With a total of 23 girl groups and 1 three-guy group, Yan2 can easily become the king of quantities. Since they come from several different older games of different styles, there should be someone for everyone.

Story - 1/10 - Almost no story line. It is just a reunion (as said in the title) of girls from some Tenshindo games to play cards.

Omake - 7/10 - 5 screen savers, a cool clock (time, date, seconds, resource) and one other thing (don't know what that it). All of ok quality.

Overall - 4/10 - Not a bad concept, but it gets boring really fast. It would be good for a 10-minute time-waster but if you want something more depth, look somewhere else.
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