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Name: Project VC and Fairytale Remix 4 (10.00% in 1 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Fairy Tale
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Scream

Project VC, or Project VirtuaCall, is the fifth installment to Fairytale's popular Virtuacall series. However, rather than being an adventure/dating simulation game like the previous titles, Project VC is a bringing-up simulation game, or simulated life game, similar to the Muku series and the Princess Maker series. In Project VC, you are chosen by Precia, operator of Virtuacall, to raise and train Yutie to become the next operator of Virtuacall.

Like most simulated life games, you are given a certain amount of time to complete your task. In Project VC, you are only given one month to raise and train Yutie to become a Virtuacall girl. Since you'll be working in a virtual environment using the infamous virtual headgear you'll be amazed on how quickly Yutie grows up to become a mature woman in one month. This is almost reminiscent to taking care of a Tamagotchi. Anyway, being given only one month, the game can easily be completed in less than one hour.

Also like most simulated life games, you are provided with several options to help you care and train Yutie, such as exercising, making public appearances, studying, and, even, weightlifting. There are also options that allow you to discipline Yutie, such as whipping her sans sexual bondage or any hentai-related activity.

Speaking of hentai, Project VC does not contain that many hentai scenes (an approximate total of six or seven hentai images). So, if you're looking for a bringing-up simulation with a lot of hentai images, I would suggest you play either Muku or Muku 2. However, if you don't mind the limited hentai images, I would highly recommend you getting this game for the stunning and highly-quality anime graphics.

Besides the splendid anime graphics, the music and voice dialogue are excellent and well-done, neither of them are too annoying or bothersome to hear. The only disappointing aspects of Project VC are the length of the game, the replay value, and the gameplay. In Project VC, you are only allowed to choose one activity per day, which is divided into two parts (morning and evening). I think the gameplay would have been better if Fairytale had programmed the game so that you could choose two activities per day, one in the morning and one in the evening, rather than one activity.

Also, included with Project VC is Fairytale's popular desktop accessory program Fairytale Remix Volume 4. Some of the features in the latest edition of Fairytale Remix include a wallpaper selection, with images from Natural and Virtuacall 3; a novel-type game, similar to Leaf's Kizuato and Saorin to Issho; a music player, which features songs and background music from Project VC; a Fairytale catalog, that discusses and reviews Fairytale's current line-up; and a sound-type game, that permits you to hear several sounds from characters of Project VC and Virtuacall 3.
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