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Name: Private Garden 2 (87.78% in 9 votes)
Type: PUZ
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Tetratech
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Staisen

This is simply a puzzle game with a H-setting behind it. It bears some resemblance to Pero Pero Candy and Shaburi in that you can choose the kind of scenario that you want (such as in a school, etc). This sequel boasts more challenging puzzles as well and more scenarios too. Voices are included in this game as well for all stages. There are a variety of voice actors as well, although they are exactly the same as with Private Garden 1.

After choosing a scenario (such as deserted island, lower classmates or SM), you then proceed to wrack your brain to solve a number of puzzles. There are about three to four puzzle stages to solve before you get to see some H-pictures. The main objective of each puzzle is always to remove all female block (their appearance varies) from the puzzle board by moving the male 'mars' block next to of them. This may seem easy but it is'nt. You can connect up the female blocks into vertical or horizontal lines, or even into a full square if you want to. However, keep in mind that a horizontal line might not be able to squeeze into tight corridors, while you can't move the square at all! There is a bonus in building the bigger formations as the picture of the girl grows bigger and it only requires one male block to remove connected female blocks. There's also some special animation of the female picture if you touch a male block to a square. The difficulty of the puzzles ranges from reasonably simple to fiendish. Obstacles include pits, teleporters and ice to complicate the game. Some puzzles are truly mind-benders that would take a lot of endurance and patience to solve.


Storyline:7/10 -- There isn't anything original about the storyline (just pick a scenario and solve puzzles) but the puzzles are always amusing and frustrating to solve. A refreshing change from the simple click-your-way-through games.

Graphics:8/10 -- Graphics are well drawn, both in the puzzle stages and the H-stages.

Music:6/10 -- The music tracks for the puzzles don't change at all which makes it quite boring.

Overall, a fun game to try if you like puzzles, but I wouldn't recommend trying to finish a difficult scenario in one sitting (you would fry your brain before you're halfway through!).
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