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Name: Princess Maker 3 (88.95% in 19 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: NineLives
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Tamahome

As many of you would probably know about the Princess maker series, there has been previously two releases from this series. Princess Maker 1 was made a long time ago (I forgot the date). PM2 was probably one of my favorite games at the time when it was out. The idea of raising a little girl from the age of 10 to 18 is quite appealing. Princess Maker 2 was made for Japanese Dos, Chinese Dos and a deleux version was also made for it. The PM series was made by Gainax, a company that made Evangelion, Nadia of the blue waters, and Gunbuster. For more info on Princess Maker 2, read the review done by Nymph on anime densetsu.

The story of Princess Maker 3 is quite different from the previous ones, instead of a hero raising a daughter who fell from the sky, the little girl in PM3 is actually a fairy who wants to become a human princess. Since she wants it so much, the queen of the fairies granted her wish and she was given to the player as a daughter to raise to become a human princess. There are differences in this game from the second game. No longer can you go out exploring in an RPG style anymore. I think that is a lost, but not too big of a lost, cause without the RPG element, it is really an SLG game. The player can choose the name of the girl, the birthday and blood type of the girl as usual. One new feature added in PM3 is that the player can choose what occupation he wants to be. The different jobs are merchant, wandering bard, wandering priest, a nobleman, a retired knight, and a entertainer. Depending on what job you choose, the little girl start off with different attributes. Personal favorites are wandering priest and Knight.

There are also contests which allows the player to win money with the little girl. There are three different tournaments to enter through out the course of every year. The game is divided into 192 different phases, so the little girl can perform differernt tasks, like going to school, working to earn money and going to the wilderness and so on. Another added feature is that the little girl now has competition in the different classes she might choose to take. These rivals will eventually turn into your friend and whenever the little girl's birthday arrives, her stats will be significantly raised due to presents she will be getting from her friends.

The ultimate goal of this game is to become a human princess. The ending is shown on one of the pics to your right. To get this ending, the little girl must have insane stats as well as being quite wealthy. But you will comgradulate yourself once you get that ending. There are also other endings adding up to 60 in total. I still haven't gotten all of them yet, but I know the exact requirements to get each ending, so if you want more info, please email me.

Gameplay: 8/10
I have always loved SLG games, and this game is very fun to play, it also has a lot of replay value as well.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics could be a bit better, but I am not complaining, the pictures are done nicely, but the 3D graphics and the animated little people are done poorly and are often blurred.

Music: 8/10
The music is quite good, i haven't listened to the midi tracks yet, but I have put a few on my review for you to enjoy. The cd-da tracks are a lot better in my opinion.

Story: 8/10
Although it does not really have a storyline, but I like how the game develops and how the little girl can meet different people according to her stats and how many times she did a certain task.

Overall: 8/10
Overall, this game is great, it is a great SLG game and I would recommend this game for almost anyone :)
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