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Name: Trouble Cash (51.67% in 6 votes)
Type: PUZ
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Unknown
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Sympathy

Trouble Cash is a very entertaining strip card game. You are pitted against a bevy of nine ladies, three at a time. Your job is to accumulate enough points so that you outscore one of your three lovely opponents. Each time you outscore her, you get to exchange the difference in your scores for a "scene" with her. (Be careful not to lose all your pts though or it's `GAME OVER'.) Three scenes and she's defeated and you get to choose another opponent until all nine opponents have been defeated.


This card game system is based on a popular but not well known chinese card game called "Choi Tai Ti".

The game is similar to Poker or Uno but with some differences. Each player is dealt 13 cards from a standard deck of cards. The object of the game is to be the first (or one of the first) players to completely play his or her hand. The weakest card is a 3, while the strongest card is the 2. Cards can be played one at a time or in pairs, three of a kinds or four of a kind, or in a straight set of 3 or more cards of the same suit. Each of these methods of play must then be matched by the subsequent players, with a set of cards that is of a higher score than the previous player. Otherwise they are forced to lose their turn. The player with the highest set gets to start a new type of play.

For example, player 1 lays down a pair of 8s. Player 2 must lay down a pair of 9s or higher to continue or he/she loses her turn and so on. If no one has a pair or chooses not to use them, player 1 gets to start again.

Special Rules

The Joker - The joker is a wild card. The set which it is played in is automatically considered the highest set. Thus, if player 1 lays down a 5 and a Joker and player 2 has a pair of twos (normally the highest pair), player 1's pair is still considered the highest.

Four of a Kind - Playing a four of a kind changes the rules drastically by reversing the order of seniority among cards for that game. Thus 2 becomes the smallest card and 3 becomes the biggest, with Qs beating Ks and so on.

Effects of Winning and Losing

1st player to clear his/her hand: Wins 100 pts and gets to exchange two of her weakest cards for 2 of the strongest cards from other players!!

2nd player to clear his/her hand: Wins 50 pts and gets to exchange one of her weakest cards for 1 of the strongest cards from other players after the 1st player.

3rd player to clear his/her hand: Breaks even on pts but loses his/her strongest card.

LOSER: loses 50 pts and two of his/her strongest cards!

(*phew* This should be a FAQ not a review..*pant* *pant*)

This game is simple enough to pick up with some practice. It is highly entertaining, with twists and turns throughout the game. It is recommended that the player saves his/her game often as a single loss usually dooms that players entire effort as he/she has to run the gauntlet of 9 players in order to finish the game and get the ending.

Very nice 256 color H CG. H gamers will NOT be disappointed.

Fun Fun Fun! Try to pick up the rules of the game and try it out in real life. (minus the strip part of course...or maybe not) A cute game that most h gamers should finish within a few hours but oh what fun those hours will be.
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