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Name: Pile Driver (58.00% in 5 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Blue Gale
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Tabris

Pile driver, a weird yet distinctive title makes me a little whizzy picking the game out. Yet, in my perspective, the game did not do as good as i intended it to.

The story of the game is about you the player (you can change the name of the character to anyname you want in the front menu option) is a regular student at school who enjoys the kendo club (one of the main reason why i picked this game since the cover shows a girl with kendo equipment) This girl turns out to be your kindergarden friend whom also goes to the same school. There are a total of nine girls where you can see their side of the story. Yet the story isn't very interesting for any of the girls. It actually reminds me of stories i find in those H-mangas on the bookselves when i am at a convienience store in tokyo drinking my coffee. The story is not only cheesy, but also the story have very little to do with kendo which i personally wanted more of. This was a big disappointment to me.

Not only was the story disappointing, the game play was also horrible. From a multitext novel game, there are a very few choices in the game and i swear that a person who doesn't know japanese can get a good ending. But some choices actually do effect which girl you end up with at the end so there is a matter of "luck" in the game. Especially with the skip command, a non-japanese person can speed through the game and just look at the pictures like a lot of people do =).

I must admit though, the graphics in the game is pretty good indeed. Also, i must give credit to the artist whom probably spent countless hours doing the many expressions that each character have. One bad thing about the graphics is that it is 16 bit in 640x480 only. In 800x600 the lines on the graphics can be seen and you can spot all the dots on the character, (well at least i can)

I must admit, theres not much to be mentioned about this game besides the nice graphics (decent compared to the other leading companies), and that the Multi text command is not as hard and mind boggling as other games.

Pros: A good buy for people with no knowledge of japanese and just want to see h scenes.

Cons: Just about everything else besides graphics (from story to gameplay)

Final statement: You must as well save that money and buy some internet IPOs unless you really want some good quality H scenes. But if thats what your looking for, i suggest crowd games.
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