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Name: Pia Carrot 2 OVA Menu 1 (77.22% in 18 votes)
Platform: VHS/VCD
Company: PinkPineApple
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Lamuness

The Anime version of Pia Carrot 2 is pretty similar to the events in the game (but there are of course some alterations).

The player's name is Koujin. Koujin was rushing to Pia Carrot for his summer job interview, but crashed with Azusa at the corner of the street. There was a short fight between the two, which made Koujin late for the interview. Ryouko didn't accept Koujin's interview because he is not punctual, but at the same time a Pia Carrot employee just quit which gave an opportunity for Koujin. Therefore Koujin luckily got his summer job. During work, Koujin finds Ryouko to be very strict but at other times very nice and polite, and start to fall in love with her. During the newcomer party at Aoi's room, Koujin meets Azusa again as the new employee as well, but the 2 didn't get along well and Azusa left. While Aoi got drunk and fell asleep, Koujin (drunk) told Ryouko (drunk as well) that he likes her. This made Ryouko very touched because she concentrates too much on work and have been neglecting this thing call love. The 2 were about to kiss when Aoi suddenly woke up.

This episode ends with the newcomer beach trip. Ryouko went to get some food but didn't return. Koujin went to look for her and found her being confronted with 2 thugs who are about to rape her. Koujin saves her and blah blah blah...

This Anime is very well done. It's much well drawn than the Pia Carrot 1 Anime. Also, if comparing this with the first episode of Pia Carrot 1, this one is more interesting and entertaining. However, like Pia1 OVA, the "player" is once again depicted as an ecchi guy (which is inconsistent with the game itself), but much more ecchi than the player in Pia1 OVA. Sure, it of course adds more humor to the OVA but I find it a bit weird.

Pia Carrot 2 OVA is a very entertaining and humorous H-Anime based on the popular Cocktail Soft game. All Pia Carrot 2 fans should not miss it. Overall, it's a very good opening episode of the OVA series. It surpasses the previous Pia Carrot OVA by a lot.
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