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Name: Ochita Tenshi (Fallen Angel) (50.00% in 6 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Pias
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Tabris

Fallen Angel, is a game about yes you guessed it, Angels. Okay don't get me wrong on this, but I, after looking at the title of the game, thought to myself, my god they have made a H games based on a Holy character such as an Angel. Even though i don't believe in "Angels". I would hate for an H game to mock such a character created. Yet, this angel in the game is another kind of angel. It is the one with powerful magic descend on earth to do one thing. Punish all evil.

Getting to the story, this game gives a prologue that introduces each character. (There is a dialogue before the prologue, this dialogue will not make any sense when the game starts but it will eventually make all the sense). The story basically starts off in a modern world and you, the player, are in school and the school nurse tells you to investigate a murder. While you go around school thinking about this event, you encounter many weird events. I do not want to spoil the story for you but i must tell you that there are three storys for each three girls you encounter. Each have girl is related to the murder one way or another and, by the end, you will think the story is interesting (well i think).

The AVG part though, is not easy but not hard as well. It is easy to get through the story but there are some points which will lead you to a GOOD story with a GOOD ending. So there is not much to comment on the gameplay.

The graphics though i must say is awesome. Even though this game does not compare with current games out that are BOMB, this game does fit with the rest of the high quality games. This game uses directx and the screen approach to the game is similar to "To heart". This is meant as the character is the full screen and the words type down the screen. There are expressions to the girls you encounter in this game too which makes the graphics a plus. The background is a "sketchy" type of background which also displays darkness, and dreamy which are KEY elements in the story. Dark resembles the environment and dreamy relates to the idea/concept of the story, something that is not possible to happen in real life.

Pros: I find the story for each girl very interesting and the graphics is good also. Not many games released in 1998 have this kind of quality, thus, i would rank this game with the top contenders in the H game market (graphic wise) with the game. Another thing that i like a lot are the title of the chapter of the stories. One particular title i like is in mayumi's story which goes "If we can't be lovers, i don't think we can be friends".

Cons: I must say that this game is really short, i can finish three girls' story in less than 1 and a half hour. The company should pay more attention to story detail and make a longer gameplay (at least not AVG) to increase a replay value instead.

Final Statement: This game is not a bad game to add to your H game collection. Though the replay value is small and the gameplay sucks. If you are into graphics and story, then this would certainly entice you.
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