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Name: Pia Carrot E Youkoso! (60.91% in 11 votes)
Type: ACT
Platform: SATURN
Company: Kindle Imagine Develop (KID)
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Hq9

Pia Carrot e Youkoso is a dating simulation originally created by Cocktail Soft. It's also available for Japanese Windows & NEC PC FX. This review is based on the Sega Saturn version. Pia Carrot is considered an adult game, there are warnings on the cover, however the game is like 10% hentai, and contains no nudity at all. The most provocative shots are pictures of the girls in lingerie. Most of the stuff looks more artistic than erotic, and sexual innuendoes are only implied, not completely visualized. The incredible story lines and breath taking moments are what makes this game memorable, the hentai is just an added touch


You play yourself, a young 18-year-old just finished with High School. You plan on spending your last summer with your best friend Daisuke. However, previously you made a bet with your father, concerning your grades. Your test marks are not desirable, and you lose the bet, therefore you must live up to your promise and work at daddy's restaurant, the Pia Carrot. What seems like what's going to be a lame summer of slave labor, becomes the greatest and most memorable summer of your life. What makes things interesting are all the cute girls who work at the Pia Carrot, and those who dine there.

You already know Shouko, a childhood friend of yours and Satomi, a classmate and the girl you have a crush on already, will be working with you. Yet, as the summer goes by the interaction with other girls is intense and you must choose who you want. There are a total of nine girls Satomi, Shouko, Reika, Yukiko, Saori, Airi, Shiho, Kiyomi, and Yukari, to court after.

Some will be easy to win over, others will require much sacrifices, patience, gentleness, perseverance, and chivalry. Your goal is to have one of the ladies "fall head over heels" for you and have her meet you in the park August 28th after you call her.


You control the daily activities for the summer. The basic day is divided into three parts, the AM, the Afternoon, and After work. During the AM you can call someone, use an item, or move to an area. During the afternoon at 1 PM you start work, at 5 PM you get a break till 6 PM. After work, 9 PM, you have meetings, can choose your job for the following week, and can talk to someone.

There are various interactions and possible outcomes depending on where you go, where you work, what you do, whom you call, whom you meet on a certain day etc. Being at the right place at the right time is pure luck. This "what if?" feature makes this game's replay value phenomenal.


Graphics = 20/20. This game has nice graphics, all anime style stills display the action. The stills are beautifully drawn. There are also many anime FMV scenes which add to the excellent graphics and improve the story lines.

Music = 9/10. Each character has a theme music, and the music generally fits the character's personality perfectly.

Funfactor = 20/20. This game is super fun and addictive. The interaction between you and the girls creates a very pleasant environment.

Replay Value = 20/20. With many girls to choose from, many different paths to take, and over 10 different endings, you can play this game over and over. Collecting all the memories also adds to this game's replay value.

Originality = 10/10. This simulation takes intimacy into consideration. If you are dating, or in love, it is only natural for a couple to be intimate. Some other dating simulations don't consider this "sense of reality". And, it doesn't take place in High School like so many other dating simulations do.

Gameplay = 9/10. This was the only thing I had against this game, only 1 action for the AM? The system would allow you only to call one person from 9-12 AM? That's a bit restrictive!

Omake = 10/10. This game has a special menu where you can view the girl's pictures, and movie videos. There are also mini games, like a waiter/bunny hopping game which are very cute. And last, the voice actresses do an impeccable job.


This dating simulation scores a 98/100. Pia Carrot is excellent because of the interactive story lines, some of which are quite touching, top-notch animation sequences, beautiful artwork, talented voice actresses,and much much more! I really loved this game and I feel its is my favorite game of all time.
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