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Name: Parasite Eve (98.57% in 7 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: PSX
Company: Squaresoft
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Eve inside you awakesà..

Mitochondria have been co-existing with the nucleus in human cells as parasites for thousands of yearsà..

If mitochondria had their own will and had started to co-exist with humans, getting ready for the big day - what would happen?

On Christmas Eve in New Yorkà "She" woke upà. "I am à.. Eveà" Destiny has arrivedàà

On the 29th of March, Square Japan has yet released another hit game, Parasite Eve. Co-working with Square USA, Square Japan has produced Parasite Eve that combined Final Fantasy gameplay with Hollywood type of theme. As far as I have known, Parasite Eve appears to be another great hit after Square's Final Fantasy 7, FFT, Saga Frontier, and the recent release of Xenogears.

The story of Parasite Eve is based on the novel "parasite EVE" by Hideaki Sena. The horror all begins on a Christmas Eve in New York. The main character, Aya, accompanied with her date to an opera that night. The opera features Melissa Pearce who played as a love of a prince whom the prince's father refused their marriage. As Melissa begins to sing, strange phenomenon occurred. Attendants in the opera begin to burn. Strangely, Aya doesn't seem to suffer from any burning. Being a police officer, Aya took her weapons out and went for Melissa, whom called herself "Eve." As Aya confronted Eve on the stage, Aya was told that they are the same and that she just have not "awaken" yet. As the story goes on, Aya will realized that Melissa's body has been taken over by Eve. Inside Melissa's body, the mitochondria has awaken and taken full control of Melissa's body. It is now up to Aya to reveal the secret behind Eve and save New York.

Parasite Eve has used a system similar to FF7. It is like the ATB (Action Time Battle) in FF7 where the enemy can still be moving while you're choosing the commands. However, the difference between the two systems is that you can actually move your character around the battle screen while you wait for your weapon to charge up. The enemies will attack you while you are charging your weapons up. If you combine FF7's ATB with Bio Hazard's (Resident Evil) way of killing the zombies, Parasite Eve will result. The gameplay is very exciting and fun. You will be able to change different guns and remold your guns. Overall, this is a very good game to play. If you like story that has a mysterious and intense theme, Parasite Eve will be your number one choice.


Aya Brea During Aya's childhood, her mother died in a mysterious accident. Ever since then, Aya has wanted to become a cop. It's been half a year since Aya started working in the 17th precinct of the New York City police department. At a glance, Aya looks quiet and subdued, but deep down she has a firm, tough disposition. She often has run-ins with her boss, Daniel. Others in the department jokingly refer to them as "father and daughter."

Daniel Bo Dollis An expert cop from the homicide division of the 17th precinct of the N.Y. City police department. Despite his twenty years of career at the police department, Daniel's strong belief that "the site of an accident is where cops should be" has prevented him from moving up the ranks in the department. Ever since he divorced his wife Lauren several years ago, he has had to be on his own bringing up his eight-year-old son, Ben. To Aya, Daniel is a senior cop, partner , and paternal figure.

Kunihiko Maeda A scientist working at a laboratory at the department of pharmacology in a Japanese university. Some years back, an accident led him to focus his studies on mitochondria. Kunihiko is a very capable scientist, and he cares only about his work. His clothes are always wrinkled, and his hair is generally a mess. Needless to say, he hasn't had much luck with the girls.

Melissa Pearce A promising opera singer, Melissa was selected as a leading role for the first time in an opera to be held on Christmas Eve. She has worked hard to get this role. Even though she was shy and physically weak throughout her childhood, Melissa took a serious interest in opera and has been driven in pursuing her career. Even after she became an opera singer, she often went to hospitals to receive medication.


Graphic - 10/10 There are hours of movies in the game. Like what the description of the game says, this game is a cinematic RPG where there are lots of movies and the fields are rendered cg. The graphics is very similar to Bio Hazard (Resident Evil) series. Also, the characters are drawn in large scale instead of the mini sized characters like many RPG's.

Story - 9/10 I may be biased about this game. I think the story is decent enough for any gamers, but I found Xenogears more interesting than Parasite Eve. The idea about mitochondria is very clever, but Xenogears have more complicated story in my opinion.

Gameplay - 9.5/10 The gameplay is very good. You will have to run around to evade enemies' attacks. The battle will look same as the dungeon field (like Chrono Trigger but with Bio graphic and FF7 gameplay). There won't be any stores that sells you weapons. You will just find it throughout the game.

Music - 9/10 The music adds more feels of "being in the game." The music enhanced the mood and atmosphere of the game. However, the opera sound kind of annoy me. Hopefully this does not apply to you.

Parasite Eve and related images are copyrighted by Square 1998.
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