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Name: Paradise Heights 2 (74.76% in 21 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Otaku
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Dirtface

Well, Keigo is back in the (not so) thrilling sequel to the first classic. And he is still as randy as ever. Keigo's uncle, who originially owned Paradise Heights, lost a lot of money, and with it, a lot of his women. "When you lost money, your freinds follow" as Keigo even says. Keigo now works for a Toy Company, meeting new women and having new encounters along the way.

Ayako, the college student, and Kayo, the Night club waitress (it seems to be...they never make it abundantly clear what she does) still live in Paradise Heights, and your cousin, from the last game, moved away for college and stopped writing, so Keigo decides to "find a new love." TO be honest, the only thing I was thinking, during the whole game was "How can one man have sex THIS much in 5 days?"

The ratings I will give for the game are:

Story: 5/10 - Well, just like the first, the game is "click until you cant click anymore" and the story is still second best to the H-scenes. Although there seems to be a hint of different storyline or pictures if you choose certain lines of text. This did not happen in the last game. Theres still a stupid mystery and it ends up being someone close....AGAIN. TO be honest, sequels suck, so why would this be any exception?

Graphics: 7/10 - Decent. I mean, they look just like the first, girls. There is a CG at the end of the game, so in case you feel like browsing thru all the pictures and remembering the lame way you got them, its available.

Music: 5/10 - Awful. Its the same music from the first except for the intro, which was a lot better than the first.

Gameplay: 3/10 - Hardly any gameplay at all, and this point was brought up to Otaku in reference to the first game, so they decided to do nothing to solve it, but everything to hide it. VERY frequently, Keigo subtly "suggests" your next move, although in effect, it is really all you CAN do. It's jsut there to make you feel like your "making the right choice" or choosing what your doing. Very stupid tactic. It didn't get by me. Try again, Otaku!

Overall: 4/10 - Get it because it's Anime/Hentai and everyones looking for it. NOTHING else. This game is a waste. They could've sliced off the ending to the last one and the begining to this one, pasted them together and I would've never known the difference. Kiego has sex about twice as much in half the time in this sequel, which is obsurd. I couldnt stop thinking that maybe Keigo was actually the guy from Runaway City and could mentally make girls want him like none other. : ) Anyhow, this game is crap. It's a sequel. Get it and don't even play it. Just have it. You're better off.

Please feel free to email me at for more information about this game.
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