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Name: Paradise Heights (64.76% in 21 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Otaku
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Dirtface

Paradise Heights is a well-known Hentai/Anime game made possible by the lovely people at Otaku/Foster and I'm near-positive Jast threw in some help on this one. You start out as Keigo telling the story of how you got to where you are, which is an apartment complex called Paradise Heights, which you have, more or less, inhereted from an Uncle of yours. It turns out to be summer, in which you have nothing better to do, so you agree to run the complex for awhile and "Hey! I might even meet some cute girls." Quite an understatement, to say the least.

Along the way, you meet Kayo, a sexy and sultry next door neighbor. And theres Keiko, a good looking unemployed(so it seems) Brunette who seems to have a lot of things that need fixing in her apartment. Up on the second floor lives the college Student, Ayako who brings over her freind to meet you later. Theres many more characters to meet in this near-classic game. Definatly add it to your collection.

The ratings I will give for the gamesare:

Story: 8/10 - Well, as most of the game is "click until you cant click anymore" the story seems second best to the H-scenes. Although there is mystery, a nice happy ending, and some funny parts, a lot of what happened was very expected. For example, (and I'm only telling you this because it's obvious from the very start) Your cousin, in the game, has a mad crush on you and it shows. Theres even an H-scene with her in which you stop abruptly and say "This isn't right". I just like the fact that your running to speak, and the fact that theres sexual tension between you and your cousin. Im being nice with my 8.

Graphics: 8/10 - Well, It's in 256 color, but amazing how well its done. The graphics are drawn right form the computer, not scanned in, which provides for a more clearer and crisper graphic, plus the nature of the graphics are quite amusing if you're one into H-Scenes. Although, the two floors look exactly alike except for a terrace, so laziness is apparent.

Music: 4/10 - The music was decent. Nothing I've kept on my hard drive after deleting the game, and I HAVE kept songs from other games. It actually gets kindof annoying after awhile since the music reloads every screen. I just as soon turn the music off. I'll go ahead and talk about the voice files in this one too. They werent very nice. These people just can't act at all....and the voices are really annoying.

Gameplay: 3/10 - Well, as there is virtually no gameplay, I'm going to have to credit this with a 3...although it SHOULD get a 0, because there is none....but if you consider a "Wild Time" to be clicking until you can't click anymore, this is the game for you.

Overall: 7/10 - It' all its best, "Okay". Its worth adding to your collection, but if your deciding between this and a new game from Jast, well....c'mon, It's Jast. If your interested in a game where it takes no brains to play, and you just want to see some H-Scenes, well then get this game. No one buys or fries the game because of music, so who cares about that? The gameplay, Im not gonna say "awful" because they made no attempt to make one. I'll go with nonexistant. H-scenes are very nice, and very expanded. Story is VERY good; something that any one of us would dream of. : ) Running an apartment complex full of beautiful women. Mmmmm....woooomaaan....

Please feel free to email me at for more information about this game.
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