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Name: Rockman X3 (82.00% in 5 votes)
Type: ACT
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Capcom
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Deester

In the near future , somewhere around 21XX (well to be honest not so near future) , earth is once again in trouble... Of course Mega Man X and Zero will come to save the day ... to do this they need your help... But how did things get to be like that ?? Well the Mavericks have been neutralized by Reploid expert Dr . Doppler and his neuro computer which manages to suppress any abnormal behavior of the reploids and prevents them from going berserk. The most advanced reploids gathered together and built "Doppler Town" after their mentor dr. Doppler ... Then ,you'll most probably say . what went wrong ?? Well for no aparent reason the mavericks that were supposed to have been neutralised started a riot... Who was behind this shudden event ?? The Macerick Hunter Headquarters' intelligence suspects one man ... Dr Doppler himself as the mastermind...

This game is one of the famous Mega Man series of games... You control 2 robots (or should i say reploids) , one at a time , and go through 8 zones with different bosses before you get a chance to face dr Doppler himself... You can choose which zone you'll go to but you can't enter the last one where Doppler is.

The graphics of the game are fairly simple since it's just a simple shoot'em up /platform game ... The gameplay is rather good but can be kind of irritating until you get used to it (you keep fall to holes or spikes which makes you start from the beginning of the level , as an example) can move right or left jump , climb and shoot with varied power ... Sound is ok with a theme song and various sound effects ... There is also some animation (!!) but not anything serious...

If you are into this kind of games give it a try...
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