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Name: Ryouki No Ori 2 (57.06% in 17 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Plantech
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Ryouki No Ori 2 is a mysterious game that centered in a theme park. An accident happened three years ago has caused the theme park to be shut down (But is it truly an accident or a murder? You will find out as you go deeper into the game). Now the theme park reopens, and you are hired by Amano Miyukias (Fantagen's director) as one of the security guy that patrols around the park. Before you start working, you will be introduced to the theme park. There are six major areas around the park and one central area. In every area, there will be one girl that is in charge of the area. After the brief introduction, you will be able to meet all these girls around the park. Next day, you came into the park and patrols around the park. Everything just seemed to be fine, but you realized there are something wrong. You realized these girls are trying to hide something from you. You began to search what is going on in this mysterious theme park.

Ryouki 2 is a very complicated and difficult game to play for people who lack the skill in reading Japanese. The game is solely depended on time and choices of place and dialogue. If you've chosen the wrong dialogue, you will get bad ending or an incomplete ending (not fully solved). If you did not go to the right place at the right time, you will not be able to see many important events, clues, as well as H-scenes. If you chose to go to one place instead of the other, you will also get a different ending. In fact, the game was so hard that I never had gotten the good ending. I always got an ending with girls got killed and ended with no lover. *_*

This game has a great drawings compared to many H-games out there. Although this game is not as twisted as Hizumi, it focused more on love between girls and the mysterious story line in the game. The game is like taking parts of the element from Dokyusei and parts of element from May-Be Soft's games, and combine them together. Like Dokyusei, you will be able to walk around the park and talk to the girl. If you chose the right choice at the right time, you will end up with one of the girl. Like Hizumi, Inter Heart, Musabori, and many other JWIN 95 games, the graphics are stunning to watch.

If you can read Japanese very well and willing to play the game over and over, this one is perhaps your choice of game.


Graphics- 8.5/10 The girls in here are pretty. The pictures are vivid. Well, if you have seem many PC game magazine from Japan, you'll realize that almost every H-game for Windows 95 has awesome drawings and pretty girls. So, you shouldn't surprise.

Music- 8/10 The midi in the games is GRREAT!! One of the best music I have heard for computer (perhaps it's because I don't play PC games that often). The midi in the opening is especially pleasing to hear. The opening midi has a great foreshadowing on what the game will be about!

Gameplay- 5/10 This game's control is basically a clicking and walking around the theme park. I found extremely annoyed with the pointer control walking.

Story- 8.5/10 Deep story, a little too deep for me. There's just too many stuff to consider in the game and many little hints to understand the whole idea. You have to connect all these little bits of information together to understand who's behind the scene. Also, if you don't like seeing blood, this game might not be your choice. There's one part (not always will be seem; depends on which path you have chosen) that you will see a girl's body being split into half by the door (kind of sad).

If you have any information or find any false information, please feel free to email me here.
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