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Name: Rival School ~Legion of Heroes~ (85.83% in 12 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: PSX
Company: Capcom
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Tabris

As many of you know, this game was one of the newer arcades made by Capcom in the beginning of this year. Half a year later, Capcom overwhelms us with the game ready made for the PSX platform. Yet this is no ordinary game. It contains a lot of other functions that the arcade does not have.

In the playstation version, they added 5 more characters, two of which are original, and also added an edit character option. In this option you are allowed to make a whole new character and edit their stats. This is really a nice function to create a character (well not really create, you'll see what i mean when you play the game) but on top of all these new functions, they also added an SLG mode which i fell in love with. In the SLG mode, you can make up your own name, birthday, pick which sex you are and enter to any one of the schools available in the game. (Remember if you make a Male character you cannot enroll him into a all girl private school). Besides all these, they have an afterschool club mini game. This is when you pick a club you like to join and practice. For example if you join baseball team then you will practice in the baseball mini game.

Besides all these SLG gaming, remember this is still a 3DFighting game. The story behind this is that the Principal in Justice School is kidnapping all the Honor roll students and brain washing them. The cops are under investigation but not very successful. It is up to the character to fight Justice school off and help the students that has been kidnapped out. I have not used the extra characters in the story mode so i do not know what their ending is sorry =(.

Personally, i love the "friendship and love combo" in this game. Some moves are just plain hilarious. Like the teacher would give you a massage to heal your life back and the girl in pacific high gives the player a hug and a kiss. Not all moves are like this, there are a move from the principle of justice school which swings you around and throw you at the opponent.

Most moves are really easy to use and this game have a really high replay value. Besides the graphics in this game are not match for the arcade, there is not much that the arcade has over this game. One thing i am sure is that this game was not made into an English version and the game might not come out for playstation of america. I do remember though that someone told me this was taken from a manga artist but i never saw this so i cannot be sure.
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