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Name: Ring Out (64.58% in 24 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: ZYX
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Tamahome

Ring Out also known as Pro Lesring in Japan is a simple adv game released and translated by Otaku. The game is short but has average game graphics. Being an H Adv game, there isn't much story or gameplay in the game. The story begins when Aya, the main character in the game was taken away from her parents, because the parents owe too much debt and have to sell their daughter.

The game then basically lets the player control Aya in her fights in the Pro Lesring, which is Lesbian wrestling. It might interests you to know that the objective of Lesbian Wrestling is to Get the opponent to an Orgasm. Being a virgin Aya is in a lot of trouble. Could she keep her virginity and at the same time paying off her parent's debt?

The Game is short but the art work is good which makes this game worth collecting. Otaku released this game, they did a good job on it, so support Otaku and buy the game so we could have future English Hentai releases in the future.

Below are the ratings I give to this game:

Story: 5/10 - Not much of a story, It is 90% hentai stuff. Story is almost non-existance in this game.

Graphics: 7/10 - The drawings in this game is average. There are few pictures in the game, but they are good.

Gameplay: 5/10 - Can't really say this is a game. There is no challenge whatsoever, and the game is too linear. There are only three endings in this game and you can get them really quickly.

Music: 8/10 - The music in this game is good It is midi, but is above other midi's I've heard. One of the ending's midi is very relaxing.

Overall: 6.25/10 - This game is in my opinion a very average game. It does not have a good story, nor does it have any replay value. The music and the graphics are above average, but as a collector of H anime games, it is a must have.

The game Ring Out is translated and released by Otaku and all rights are reserved to that company.

Please feel free to email me here for more information about this game.
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