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Name: Resident Evil 2 (100.00% in 5 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: PSX
Company: Capcom
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

A bizarre incident has occurred in a mansion outside Raccoon City. Thanks to the Raccoon City's S.T.A.R.S member's team, Christ Redfield and Jill Valentine, we found out that Umbrella cooperation was behind all these mess. Umbrella has undergoes a series of experiment upon developing the bio-weapon known as the T-Virus. The case seemed to be apparently closed as Christ and Jill destroys the mansion. However, Umbrella's ambition is far from destroy. After the explosion of the mansion, Christ and Jill continue to investigate Umbrella's activities. Soon, they found out that Umbrella has created a new G-virus that is more powerful than T-virus. They decided to go to Umbrella's HQ to nail them down. However, something went wrong after they left. The town was now infested with zombies and monsters. As a new officer, Leon Kennedy, who just came to the town or Christ's sister, Claire Redfield, who came to the town in search of the disappearance of his brother, the two has entered the inescapable nightmare.

Resident Evil 2's scheme is taken place in the police department of Raccoon City this time. Leon and Claire are driving separately to the Raccoon City. When they arrived in town, they will encounter many reckless creatures that were previous human on the street. Under the attack of these creatures, they will eventually meet. They decided to take a police car and head toward police station. On the trip to RPD (Raccoon Police Department), they were attacked by the zombie hidden in the back seat. The police car crashed as a result. Within seconds, you see an oil-carrier truck is heading toward you two. The truck crashed into the police car and caused an explosion. The explosion thus separates Leon and Claire. From here, you can either control Leon or Claire on your destiny to escape the terrible nightmare.

Resident Evil (Bio Hazard in Japan) has similar gameplay to Alone in the Dark. The first installment of Resident Evil is taken place in the mansion that Christ and Jill investigated upon. You can either control Jill or Christ depending on what level of difficulty you prefer. You will run around the mansion killing zombies and solve puzzles in order escape from the mansion. In Resident Evil 2, you will also have the same type of gameplay as the previous one. You will still run around the mansion killing zombies and solve puzzle. You can still choose on two different characters to play with. However, in RE2, there is a vast improvement over the previous version. In RE2, there are nearly twice as much zombies as in RE. The type of weapons also increases. Best of all, you can upgrade your weapons with an add-on located around places in the game. Another great feature in RE2 is that you will be able to play the other character after you have finished the game. If you choose Leon to play first, you will be able to play Claire after you beat the game. Since the two are trying to escape at the same time, you will find many coincident that match together.

Overall, this is a game that all PSX gamers must have. There will be different ways for you to play the game, and every time you play would be different. The game is pretty scary (at least for me it is). You will encounter some surprise attacks that will scare the hell out of you. Try the game at night with all lights off and turn on your speaker as load as you can. You will experience the most awesome effect in the world.

Below is the rating I give for Resident Evil 2:

Graphics - 9.5/10 The pre-rendered graphics are awesome. Capcom has put some cool graffiti in the game. You be amazed that how much time and efforts Capcom has put into this game...

Music - 10/10 Music is everything in the game. If you turn off you speaker, the fun of the game would disappear. The sound of silence and blood dripping will intense every single cell of your body. The sudden appearance of monsters with a dramatic music will cause your heart to stop beating. The game just cannot live without the sound effects.

Gameplay - 9.5/10 There are lots of weapons you can choose from. Seeing the blood splashes when you shoot a zombie makes me feels great. The control are simple: run, aim, shoot, and menu (to change weapons, heal).

Story - 9.5/10 Of course the story is good. If you haven't read my brief description on top, read it. This should give you an idea how good the story is. There are additional characters in the game that you will meet and control. You will eventually see their connections with the story.

Resident Evil 2 and related images are copytrighted by Capcom...

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