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Name: Reijo Monogatari (Daughters story) (70.00% in 2 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Inter Heart
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Helmut

The story is about rich, greedy people's merciless conduct. In the game three girls enter. Their parent died when they're young and left them much heritage. Meanwhile their uncle's got into much debt, so he conspires with other relatives to kill them and get the property inherited. Their aunt, her husband, and a cousin take part in the sin with some gangs.

They're like beasts. They rob the daughters of not only money but also body. The daughters are raped several times in each room. They're helpless young girls. How could they escape death? They must take advantage of near persons.

GAMEPLAY : It's very inconvenient and difficult because it doesn't offer save/load menu. You can choose each daughter at game-start whom you'll mainly look at. At each case the plot is almost same but you can view each specific action(CG) in detail and the salvation is different.

GRAPHIC : It's full of rape and les CGs and you can view them without clearing a game. Figures have been well painted but their outlines are a little coarse. Girls are not pretty. CGs are in bmp format.

MUSIC : Musics are in wave format and not bad. They sound a little remote. They aren't repeated, so it's silent until the next scene-music starts.

I'm not fluent in English and Japanese, so please forgive and correct me if there's any error in this review.
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