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Name: Reborn's Day - The Moon Night Event (50.00% in 5 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: PinPai
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Helmut

In the game you take a role of a usual boy. You're bored with everyday school life and want to be special. One day you don't come back home after school and stay in the classroom below a full moon with no certain purpose. Then unexpectedly you come to see a rape scene in other classroom faintly through the out-window of your classroom.

Meantime four girls (three classmates and a junior) and a teacher (lady) also remain in the school. You encounter the girls here and there and get to see their unusual side you've never seen. They are in trouble. You should help them but they don't help you. There are mysterious events and abuse affairs. Come on! Challenge and clear game to save girls and make yourself reborn.

GAMEPLAY : It's a usulal ADV game. You make decisions about your answers or places to move into. There're lots of branching points in the story line affected by your choices. This game isn't easy. To my sadness, I've gained only various unhappy endings.

GRAPHIC : It uses 16M high color and has been well painted. But you must see many depressed or moaning facial expressions of girls.

SOUND : The BGM is in CD. There are sound effects also (ex. opening doors). They're vivid but irritating. You can hear voices of girls as well. But they're sometimes nervous over you or crying under rape, which I don't like.

I've praised this game very little in the review maybe because I've not seen happy ending. I'm not fluent in English and Japanese, so please forgive and correct me if there's any error in this review. (February 7. 1999)
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