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Name: Super Real Mahjong P 7 (72.80% in 25 votes)
Type: MJ
Platform: SATURN
Company: Seta
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Hq9

Super Real Mahjong P 7 (P VII) is the Seventh installment of this popular strip mahjong series by Seta. PVII is based on the arcade game of the same name. Unfortunately, due to a ban on nudity among Sega's new games, P VII contains no nudity. The stripping stops at underwear. I thought this would ruin the game, but the innovations and extra goodies make up for it. The Saturn version has some new features which includes original animations, an extra story for Etsuko, free gifts, and even a quiz mode.


This is a sorta "new" feature to the Supre Real Mahjong (SRMJ) series. Before, you basically played against various classmates, and other girls that wanted to challenge you. In PVII, you can start as 1 of 3 stories, with each focusing on a different girl, each with a different ending, but all in the same cottage for the summer.

Yurina Asahina's Story. It's the summer! It's cottage! This is Mahjong! Yurina's doki doki love motion. Yurina, the younger of the two Asahina sisters invites you over to her cottage to play some mahjong. You met Yurina through your part time job at a tea house. She has deep feelings for you...

Natsuki Asahina's Story. Rival classmates! Natsuki's Mahjong Fight! Natsuki, the older of the two Asahina sisters, is your classmate. She is very popular and athletic. She invites you over to the cottage for the summer because she has heard you are the best at mahjong in the whole school. Natsuki also has some feelings for you, but she doesn't know that yet.

Serika Rendou's Story. Memories of Summer ... Serika -sensei's wonderful lesson.Serika is the Asahina sister's Mahjong teacher. Serika thinks its fun to invite people to play mahjong against, and thinks the sisters need a male opponent.

Etsuko Tokohara's Story. The afternoon's job is cleaning and mahjong? Rescue poor Etsuko! She's the caretaker of the Asahira sisters. After defeating all the stories, Etsuko's becomes available. You basically just ask her "hey you wanna play mahjong?"


Well basically you play 2 player mahjong. And after X amount of Tsu Mo's you win and the girl strips down and you move on to the next one. During the game when you can "Richi" the game will tell you what tile(s) you need to go out. This is a new feature not found in any of the prequels. There are also no power ups like Suchie Stick or super Crystals found in other popular Strip Mahjong titles, namely the Final Romance and Suchie Pai series. There is a Gouhobi mode which allows you to view all the beautiful animation sequences after attaining them.


Graphics = 18/20 PVII has incredible graphics. The Character designs are excellent. All the woman are animated beautifully. The anime sequences of the strip scenes are all that. If it had full nudity I wouldve gave it perfect.

Music = 9/10 PVII's music is nice Yuri has a very cute theme song, and all the girls sing the opening song which is very nice.

Funfactor = 15/20 Generally playing mahjong is very fun, however the Computer's AI in PVII is way too hard.. On level (default) 4 it took me almost 5 hours to complete the game. This takes some fun out of it when you are playing against a Mahjong Goddess who has huge amounts of luck and perfect timing. And it would've gained a few funpoints know :p

Replay Value= 19/20 Mahjong, strip or no strip is a game you can play over and over again. Its been a favorite game among Asian people for thousands of years, and its going to stay that way.

Originality = 7/10 I can't say this is an original game, but it added a new story line feature which I found very interesting, all the characters are new, and the Saturn only ending anime sequences are a nice touch.

Gameplay= 10/10 PVII follows the same rules as its predecessors. In my opinion it is the fairest system. After one tsumo you get some points, girl strips. Your points reach zero you start over. You cannot do something like a "Dai Sushi" or Kokutsu juu san men" which is worth mega points and totally strip the girl naked. There aren't annoying pop up windows which tell you if you can play a game piece or not, or auto Richi mode, so Its definitely for advanced mahjong players. The gamepad layout is also the same as before. Also this game uses the Capcom 4-Meg ram cart which makes loading time nil.

Omake = 10 +1 bonus/10 This game is almost the king of bonus presents. First off, you receive kisakae pictures of all the girls and an animation cel. In the game there is a quiz mode which features questions about the game and some other P series questions, get them right see some nice pictures. There is also a graphical mode to see character designs. And last the gouhobi section allows you to see all your hard earned animation sequences over and over again :). There is also a bonus story for Etsuko.

Overall = 89% This game is a must have for fans of the series and advanced mahjong players. This game would've obviously gotten a better rating by me if it contained the nudity it was supposed to, but Seta can't help it. Its a wonderful topnotch classy title to add to your game collection due to its solid mahjong play,excellent animation, nice music, great voice acting, and all the bonus features mentioned in the Omake section.

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