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Name: Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (70.00% in 1 votes)
Type: PUZ
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Capcom
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Sguart

Ah, how very nice for Capcom to port the highly addicted Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo to the WIN95 platform. As we all know, only the popular ones get ported over to PC eventually. I seriously think that more PSX games should be port over to the PC platform to achieve truly crossplatform games. Capcom is just one of the many companies that port their console games onto the PC platform. NeoGeo ported many of their console games onto the PC as well. Samurai Spirits 2 and Fatal Fury 3 for the PC are arcade perfect, and are very nicely done. The only problem with porting console games onto the PC is that it relies heavily on the processor to crank out the graphics. So, in many cases, the game becomes unplayable on older PC systems. SEGA's Virtua Fighters for PC comes to mind. Also, since the PC isn't the primary platform of choice, the company usually didn't spend their greatest effort optimizing the game for the PC, which is understandable. Let's hope that as D3D becomes more popular, game companies doing the port will take advantage of 3D hardware and making these console classics a truly enjoyable experiences on the PC. Also, let's hope that more and more of these Japan-Only WIN95 games enter the US market. Fujitsu is making the effort to bring some of these games over. Toshinden2 for the PC is out in BESTBUY. They are planing to port over more in the future, including Fatal Fury 3 for the PC.

SPF2T - Super Puzzle Fighters 2 Turbo plays exactly like the PSX version with the exception of network mode. It also has the option to run the game under various resolutions and color depths which is very nice. However, to truly see the shining blocks in SPF2T-PC, you will have to run the game in high color mode or above. The 256 color mode just makes the game look ungly. Also, due to the fine dot pitch of the monitor, we get the blocky effects for free. It would been really nice for Capcom to retouch the graphics especially for the PC port. I found that 640x480 high color mode to be just perfect for the addictive puzzle action. True color mode in 640x480 or above is just too slow for my system. I guess people with high end P2's and a Matrox Millenium2 will enjoy smooth performance in 800x600 true-color mode.

For people that are not familiar with the game, there is the training demo hosted by Dan to get you started. In the arcade mode, you play against the cpu opponent in a single elimination fashion. There are 3 difficulty modes, easy, normal and maniac. For easy, you get to play 3 rounds, and 8 rounds for normal and maniac. In the original mode, it's just like the arcade mode except you get to choose the speed, counter, player select settings. Then there's the street puzzle mode, where by winning a match against the cpu opponent, you will unlock hidden secrets in the game. Lastly, there the good old versus mode, which pit you head to head against your best buddies in gem-breaking kind of way! :) The idea is to form huge gem blocks of the same color and to break multiple of them all at once to fill your enemy's screen with gems. This is called chaining and depends on the size of your gem-block, you will deal different combos to your opponent. Each player drops their gems on the enemy in a certain pattern. It's best to pick someone with random pattern or else, you will help out the other guy to defeat yourself. This is very addictive game. I remember spending countless hours dueling with my friends when it first came out for the Japanese PSX. However, ever since then, my friends have all surpass me in the game and I retired from playing it.

Ironically, owner of PSX version won't find much incentive to get the PC port since the game loaded pretty fast in PSX already. The network option might provide some interesting matches, but I didn't find out for myself. I won't use a rating system for this game since the graphic is dependent on the resolution and color mode you pick. And for puzzle game, you either like it or you don't. Overall, it's a solid port from the the PSX version. For people who like this game and don't have a PSX, enjoy it. Otherwise, it's nothing new. It worked great for me using a gravis gamepad and a K6-166mmx w/ win95 osr2.

p.s. This is my first review for Anime Densetsu. I welcome all comments, corrections, criticisms, etc. And if it shows that I don't have what it takes to write reviews, then I will just simply stop.
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