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Name: Super SP (10.00% in 1 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: U&J Technology
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Tamahome

U&J Technology is best known for the game series Super. Like the Flame Dragon Series, there has been 3 different installment for this series. Super1, Super 2 and Super Sp. well Super is only the short form english name of this game. The Chinese title of this game literally translates to Super Dimensional Hero Saga.

The First installment of this series, Super Dimensional Hero Saga is about the main character of this game, who is a writer getting transported to a fantasy world and encountered a warrior being chased by Guards. He tried to help, but being a writer, he does not have too much confidence in his fighting abilities, but he was soon surprised to find out that all his physical abilities have been enhanced when he was transported into this world and he kills the enemy and saves this warrior who becomes the King of one of the most powerful country in the second and third installment of the game.

The second installment of this series, Super Dimensional Hero Saga 2 - The revenge of the Demon God takes place after the warrior of the first installment became king. While he ruled his country with wisdom, his mind was slowly being taken over by the Demon God whom they killed in the first game. After a while, he was completely possessed by the Demon God, and he started wrecking Havoc to the country which he once loved. The main character of this game was sent off by the queen to escape the country and find willing fighters to bring order back the the country. Along the way he meets different characters, male and female and they start fighting against the Demon God again. The improvement of this game from the first installment is the multiple story line, the player has to choose different choices to access different levels in the game. The main character can also perform amazing sword moves with a girl if they became lovers. There are many jobs with special abilitywhich the character of this game can change into.

The third installment of this game is a side story to the second game. The game takes place during the second game. The supporting character of the second game became the main character in this game. In terms of plot, this game is not as good as the other two, but the gameplay in this game is very good.The player can start off with either the main female character or the main male character, and if the player chooses the male, the female character and her comapnions will also start their journey but they will be controlled by the computer and both party will eventually meet up and they will fight a common enemy. The improvement made in this game is the job change system. The characters can change into whatever job they like, and once they have changed into one job, they can change again after 10 levels. After changing jobs, the character will keep whatever special moves or skills they had when they were something else. For example, a character can become a warrior with all types of mag ic. The only flaw to this system is that there is no limit to the amount of level a character can it makes the game very easy.

Gameplay: 8/10Good gameplay, although the flaw of having no level limits makes the game really easy, it is still fun to see a character using every single move there is in the game.

Story: 8/10The story is not as good as the other two installment of the series, but having multiple story and being able to see the game from two different point of view makes this game interesting.

Graphics: 8/10Good graphics, the maps were done in 3D tiled background. Very detailed maps and good coloring. The only flaw of this game is not being able to rotate the angle of the map. In terms of the character design of this game, it is Chinese games type drawing so it does not resemble anime style drawings. But still it has pretty good artwork.

Music: 8/10The music originates from the two CDs. The game has good music. Because the male character and the female character came from different cultural backgrounds, there are different music tracks for the female character.

Overall: 8/10The whole Super series is good and fans of the Super series should give this game a try. I recommend this game for all ages. (well as long as he/she can understand the words)

The game Super SP is made by U&J Technology and all rights are reserved to that company.
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