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Name: Super Mario RPG (90.00% in 10 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: SNES
Company: SquareSoft Japan
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Tamahome

Many of you have probably in some point of your life played Super Mario Brothers. Super Mario Brothers are among the first games released by Nintendo and since then been kinda like a mascort for nintendo. Many versions of mario have been released over the past years. Super Mario Brothers 1, 2 and 3 are released for the NES. Super Mario World and Super Mario all stars have been released for the SNES. As many of you know Super Mario Brothers is an action game where the player controls either Maio or his brother Luigi around different stages until he reaches the end of the level. So far the story of Mario Bros. are quite linear with Browser, the bad guy kidnapping Princess Toadstool and the player controls Mario or Luigi to recuse the Princess. However, Squaresoft has done it again. Squaresoft took this classic action game and changed it into an RPG game, and thus revolutionalized Super Mario Brothers and giving it a brand new look. Super Mario RPG has a brand new story from the previous games and in the game the characters that will fight with you includes Princess Toadstool and even Browser is a good guy :). Super Mario RPG was released in the US in 1996. The game has a mix of story gaining levels as well as a good amount of puzzle. Aimed at younger gamers, most of these puzzles are not too challenging and can be figured out easily. I have not personally tried the Japanese version of Super Mario RPG, but the humour in the conversation in the US release is awesome. One will often find himself or herself laughing at what the characters are saying and doing. Over all this game is really good and hardcore RPG gamers as well as Mario fans should give this title a try. Here are the ratings I give to this game:

Story: 8/10
The story is a brand new concept in Mario brothers, bringing together two rivals and turing them into allies. Even the little mushroom help in someways now :)

Graphics: 8.5/10
This game has really good graphics for a 16 bit system, the artwork and the background are nicely colored and the character designs are smooth and almost flawless.

Music: 8.5/10
The game music is good as well. Although it lacks emotional music like in Chrono Trigger or other more serious games, the themes are catchy and one will find himself hummming along.

Gameplay: 8/10
Being a game aimed a younger audience, the puzzles and fights are not too tough. The only tough part is the action part of the game where the player has to jump to different blocks in a 3D environment to get to certain places. I would also say the puzzles in Browser keep is challenging.

Overall: 8.25/10
I would say that this is probably the best Mario game in the series. I personally am not a huge supporter of N64 so I did not play Mario64, but Super Mario RPG is the best Mario game in the SNES/NES series and is definitely worth getting. It is a Square game, and any Square game is worth getting right :)
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