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Name: Street Fighter Zero 2 (72.50% in 4 votes)
Type: FTG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Capcom
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Kyubi Fox

This is a straight port from the arcade game released around two years ago. It has been ported to many platforms and now finally the PC! After two years of aging, the once flashy arcade star is no match for the current champion "Marvel vs. Capcom." Still it is an excellent fighting game for the PC (when is the last time you see a good fighting game on PC anyway?). Perconally I think it is even better than the arcade "Street Fighter 3."

This is a stardard Street Fighter game where you fight until you reaches the last boss. The story is weak as always (who cares?), but all the 18 character have different last bosses they have to face, so the experience for each character is somewhat different.

Story is obviously not an important part of a fighting game anyway, what about the gameplay? It is excellent and probably the best on PC yet. It is simply a blast. In addition to standard Street Fighter 2 moves, there are super combos you can use if you charge up your energy bar. Maximum energy is 3, and you can choose to release any number of energy levels by pressing 1, 2 or 3 punch or kick buttons at once. You can even set a button to represent 3 punch or kick buttons (some keyboards have upper bounds on how many buttons you can press at the same time). Be careful though, you can blow up the keyboard quite easily if you play that game everyday.

Graphic quality is good. Even though it is in low resolution, it still looks really nice. In the India level there is a girl who covers her eyes when Dhalsim got beat up and claps her hands if you got beat up. Most of the backgrounds are nicely rendered with some interesting people or stuff moving around.

Somehow my graphic capturing utility doesn't work on this game. But I can tell you that it is quite stylish when compared to Street Fighter 2 and much better.

Sound quality is good also. I suspect they recorded it directly from the arcade because they are all in wave files on the CD. So it is kind of omake you can use those music for fun without playing the game.

Overall, this is a great game for the PC. My P166 can take it nicely without obvious slow downs. If you havn't played it already on other platforms, get it. If you have a arcade center nearby though, go play "Marvel vs. Capcom."
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