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Name: Soulblade (65.00% in 4 votes)
Type: FTG
Platform: PSX
Company: Namco
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Deester

Soulblade is a 3D fighting game for the playstation. It is made by capcom creator of the famous teken series...As a general idea i have to say it's a good game with the only disadvantage of being quite easy to master.

On the main menu you can choose from 7 different options. There is the arcade mode , the vs battle mode , the team battle mode , the time attack mode , the survival , the practice and finally the edge master mode . On the first one you have the basis of the game , a straightforward battle with each opponent up to the final "boss" the souledge sword spirit .On vs battle mode you can play against one of your friends using a second pad .On team battle mode you choose from 1 to 5 characters to battle against another party . On time attack mode you have to finish off your opponent in less than 30 seconds .Practice mode is just what the name says , practicing against an opponent of your choice while survival mode is a special version of the arcade mode were you have to defeat every opponent with the same lifebar (well you get a small bonus in life each turn!)...Last (but not least) there is the edge master mode...During this mode you move around in different parts of the world fighting against your opponents while reading a side story .In adition to that after each win you get the weapon of your opponent which ,usually,is a lot more powerful than yours . Another thing to notice in edgemaster mode is th at you don't have normal battles with all oponents . Some opponents can be damaged only through air attacks , others must be knocked out of the ring and so on . These elements make edgemaster mode more challenging than arcade mode but can be at some points a real pain ...

There are 10 characters you can choose from plus souledge which can be get in two ways .Either by finishing the game with all characters or by leaving playstation on for more than 10 hours...Each character has his own weapon .Some weapons are better in doing damage other weapons are faster attacking.

Graphics are very good compared to other 3D fighting games of that time . The intro is excellent with probably the best graphics i've seen on playstation and the best animation. Characters move smoothly and the game is very fast something i really like about this game . After playing an hour of it you'll thing tekken characters move slower than turtles .

Sound is good with different songs for each opponent . The sounfd effects are also good but don't expect smthng out of the ordinary .

Gameplay , probably the most important thing in fighting games, is very good , with the only disadvantage being the easy opponents . You can beat the game in the first few times you've played in arcade mode. As i've mentioned the game is fast . Also cervantes is probably more powerful than the other characters in vs battle mode.

In general terms soulblade is a very good game and i would encourage anyone to try it...
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