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Name: Sky Dragon Story (70.00% in 1 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: SoftWorld
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Kinopio Katsuya

The game "The Sky Dragon Story" was released by Soft-World in January this year. Unlike other traditional Chinese RPG game, instead of normal 2D graphix and 256 colour. This one is acturally is in 45 degree angel point of view and in 16 bit colour. It's one of the new chinese games designed to run under CWIN95.

This is a role playing game of a very famous Chinese novel by Gum Yung "The Sky Dragon Story" which should be quiet well known by many chinese in the world.

The story begin with the prince of Dali dynasty (some says it really exist, some says don't) , name Yu. His fater, the empire of the Dali dynasty, wants him to learn matial arts and tactics in order to carry on the Dali dynasty and expend it's terrority. But in fact, Yu is a scholar, and he has a different opinion than his dad, and refuse to follow the order. Of couse, the empire of Dali is angry, and told the guards to lock Yu up, until he give up. Your first aim is to help Yu escape from the guard, try to get out the palace.................

Like many other games made by Soft-World, The Sky Dragon Story, is another game based on Gum Yung's novel. It is quiet similar compare with the game "»¦¦¦", which was made by Soft-World 7years ago. They are both in the same platform fighting mode. But "The Sky Dragon Story" is involved in has much more puzzle solveing.

Here is the rating I give to the game:

Story 8/10 : Well.... the whole game is quiet follows the novel, except for some minor changes on the beginning and the end. You shouldn't have trouble to find out what to do next. Soft World could have made the game much more interactive by adding more scenes, and by makeing the game have multi-endings.

Game play: 7/10 Good gameplay, a standard chinese RPG with 45 degree first person view, the whole game runs quiet smooth under a P66 in Cwin95. But I am a little dissapointing with the way they set the keys. Using ESC to open up the action menu is a little unconvenient.

Graphic: 7/10 Pretty good character design and the background with 45 degree first person view and 16 bit colour use.Even through It is one of the few chinese RPG that acturally has good graphic, but it's kinda inflexible.

Music: N/A Actually I don't have a version with music yet, since all the music is on CD, but I will be getting the cd soon and I will be able to report on this.

Overall 6.5/10 It is a good RPG game, I highly recommand for the Chinese RPG newbies, coz it's quiet easy to follow, come with good graphix, and it's a good game to spend an afternoon to play it.
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