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Name: Sengoku Bishoujyo 2 (70.00% in 2 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: TGL - Japanese
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Lamuness

A while ago, TGL released a ancient-japan based non-H Bishoujyo RPG called Sengoku Bishoujyo. However, the Japanese audience generally said that the game is bad. Now, TGL released an improved sequel of Sengoku Bishoujyo, which simply talks about the new generation of sengoku heroines.

This game continues from what happened in the prequel. Kokoro, the main heroine of Sengoku1, travels around the country teaching children her ninja skills. One of them is a cute girl called Hina, the heroine of this story. Hina is intrigued by Kokoro's ninja skills, and feels energetic everytime she sees Kokoro. One day she decides to leave her family and live with Kokoro for good in order to be a strong ninja like her teacher. Hina's father, being a retired ninja and seeing that Hina has grown up, allows her to take her leave. Shortly after Hina starts living at Kokoro's place, Kokoro receives word to report to her boss immediately along with the previous Sengoku1 heroines. In particular, Hina is asked to come along too. Thus young Hina's adventure begins.

Sengoku2 has some interesting designs. Like most RPGs, you travel around an area, gather info at towns, fight baddies etc. While travelling in the field, the programmers did an excellent job on designing it. First of all, there are transparencies which can be seen in clouds as well as smoke that Hina makes when she is running. Sometimes the weather will change and will start raining and lightning flashes. If you idle in the field for a long time, Hina will automatically drop dead and fall asleep right on the spot. All these I think are very good and detailed designs. In this game there are daytime and nighttime elements, which of course affects what will happen in towns, as well as battle backgrounds. In battles, you can choose to attack as well as use skills and spells. Although new skills can be obtained by level up, spells must be bestowed after defeating bosses at ordeal temples located throughout Japan. In addition to the main characters, players can find powerful NPCs which are hidden around Japan and it is up to you to locate them. Towns are colorful as well. The game has a costume change system where hina can change into ninja, samurai or peasant clothes, and people's dialogues will change according to what you wear. In addition to buying stuff in towns, there are many optional stuff such as playing lucky draws and mini games, plus other surprises. All of these make Sengoku2 really really colorful and enjoyable.

However, the best part about this game is most likely the humor in it. Sengoku2 is prolly one of the most funniest game I have ever come across. I really cannot explain it in this review, you just have to experience it yourself. There are hot springs around Japan and these places are usually where the humor is at when the heroines go and take a relaxing bath. In addition, there are some Japanese history review sessions which are shown in humorous Japanese high school background. Other good things about this game include voices (which you do not see in a lot of RPGs) and the support of gamepads.

Frankly, I do not see any major bad points about Sengoku2. If I have to be really picky here, I would say that the animations in battles are a bit stiff, but it's no big deal. Also, the effects of final skills are too similar to each other.

Overall, Sengoku Bishoujyo 2 is a really funny and colorful anime Bishoujyo game with lots of very nice designs. I personally am most intrigued by the field effects and the dead humorous events. If you are looking for a light and simple RPG with lots of humorous material, you should not miss out this game. Girls (and guys as well) should like this game too because it's all heroines in the story.

PROS: Very colorful game, cute, funny and relaxed theme, excellent field map effects, funny, has voices, funny, lots of mini-games and surprises, funny, NPCs, funny, supports gamepads, funny, day & night elements, funny, interesting costume-change system, funny.

CONS: You want a bad point about this game?! Well you got it! It's way too funny!! I can't stand it, my belly is aching! I am rolling on the floor laughing~~!!!!

HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME TO: People who likes ancient-japan stuff, people are looking for non-heavy-duty RPGs, people who are looking a humorous game, Kyubi-baka, girl anime rpgamers.
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