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Name: Secret of Mana (94.62% in 13 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: SNES
Company: Squaresoft
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Tamahome

Hi, It's Tamahome again doing a review on another great squaresoft release.Secret of mana (or secret of mana 2 in Japan) is a pretty old release bysquaresoft for the SNES. Since they've moved over to Sony, Nintendo mostlikely won't be releasing any more great Square games, which makes this gamegood if you haven't got the PSX yet. Secret of mana is basically an A-RPGgame, action RPG for long. It is a game with all the elements of an RPG, butin action style gameplay.

This game takes place in a fantasy world where the life force of the worlddepends on mana. The Mana tree supports the world with mana, however thebalance of mana is tipping and there is an overlord that wants to harvestmana for his own use. The main character of the game is the player. Whileplaying in the falls with his friends, he fell into the waterfall anddrifted towards a sword stuck in the middle of a log in the creek.He pulled it out, because a voice beckons him to do it. He then have toventure back to his town, but finding out that a beast is attacking thetown, The player has to defeat the beast, and then get cast out of thevillage for pulling out the sword that puts the beasts to sleep. The maincharacter will meet two more character along the way and travel to differntcities and obtain the differnt elemental magic to defeat the enemy.

The best part about this game is that a player can play the game alone withthe computer controlling any of the remaining two characters and you canset the computer in agressive or passive mode. Another style is two player.One player control a character and the other one is controlled by thesecond player. The game has a good plot, music and above all good gameplaysince this is one of the rare RPG games that allows two players.

Here are the ratings I give to this game:

Gameplay: 9/10

It is an action RPG which allows two players, so one can have a lot of funplaying with a friend or even girlfriend if she is into Games. There areother games released just like this such as Guardian heroes and Secret of manathree (Japanese only).

Story: 8/10

Although a good story, it drags sometimes, because a character has to walkall the way back to the city fighting enemies to advance the story, theplayer will often forget where the story is.

Music: 8/10

Being one of the older Square games, the music quality is worst than thenewer games, but still good. Being a sad story, much of the music is emotionaland the feel for it is good.

Graphics: 7/10

The game is average graphics wise. Secret of mana 3 is a lot better looking.But still a game worth playing just for the gameplay of it :)

Overall: 8/10

This game although not graphically amazing is good, the gameplay, music andstory aspects of the game is good. Get this game for all those who enjoyRPG games or those who haven't tried an action RPG before.

The game Secret of mana is made by Squaresoft and all rights are reservedfor that company.
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