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Name: Angel Eve (Tenshitachi No Hohoemi) (70.00% in 8 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Jast/Tiara/Purple
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

On September 31, 2000, you accompanied your friends to job interviews (If you have a job in Japan, you should know that job interviews are grouped interviewed). You and your friends are senior college students, but unfortunately you need to continue college for two additional years due to some reasons. Since you cannot graduate from college now, you are in a bad need of a part-time job to continue your education.

At the same time you accompanied your friend to job interviews, you received some messages. Since that day, you become a private tutor for four girls.

There are currently three popular English Hentai games released. They are 3 Sisters, Season of Sakura, and Runaway City if don't already know it. If you have been familiar with these titles, you should know the quality of the games that the company makes. Angel Eve (Tenshitachi no Hohoemi) is a game released by Jast, Japan, that is very similar in gameplay with the game Tokimeki Memorial. Just like Tokimeki or Princess Maker, you will need to improve your knowledge, skills, and others. You will also be able to date the girls. The only difference is that you are the teacher who teaches the four girls and the options are somewhat less.

In Angel Eve, you will tutor three girls every weekday except Wednesday. There will be a status showing the girls' knowledge, willingness to study, trust toward you, and stress. All these factors will affect her intelligence and knowledge. In order for them to absorb more knowledge, you need to be aware of their status. By talking to them, you will release their stress, increase their trust, and improve their willingness to study. Your ultimate main goal is to help all of them get into a college.

Overall, Angel Eve is a good game to play. The most difficult or challenging part in this game is that you need to understand some level of Japanese to understand the girls' hobbies, questions, and personality in order to get the best result. If this game is ever going to be translated to English, I think you should try this Tokimeki kind of game and enjoy the fun of teaching!


Graphic - 7/10 The game has some nice graphics. If you seemed Season, 3 Sister, or Runaway, you should know that the graphics in Jast's games are good.

Gameplay - 8/10 Eve has a great gameplay overall. It's very similar to Princess Maker or Tokimeki. However, I think they should add a little more factors and options in the game to increase gameplay. The game is not too hard to beat like those made by Alice Soft (well, I think Alice Soft's game is really challenging). Another problem is that the speed is kind of slow when the game switches scene.

Music - ??/10 The game I got is either ripped or the game does not have a sound (I don't know). I didn't hear sound from 3 sister or season either, so I not sure whether this has sound or not.

Story - 7/10 Like what I have said in the beginning, the story is pretty good. You will be able to date the girls after a while.
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