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Name: Sango Mah Jong
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Apexsoft
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Nameless

Just about every type of game out there had already used the sango trademark, so why not the mah jong game as well. When you replace the backgound and the characters in normal mah jong game with famous sango setting, most of you should understand what this game is all about.

In this game, there are 2 modes you can choose from, single player, or multiplayer over the net/lan. In single player mode, you choose your leader and beat your opponents through a game of mah jong. There are 15 characters in total, each with about 30+ lines of taunt, whine and tease with real voices which means alot. However these lines are only fun when you are playing with other humans. As in single player mode, they are useless. The game has 3 speed setting, but the game will stop automatically whenever you can make a play, so speed fast is recommanded. Thats basically about it except the rules of the mah jong which is very complicated, and i recommand you do a search for a guide on the net if you want to learn.

the good - Many voices and music you can listen to while playing the game. The big plus of this game is certainly the net/lan support. Who would want to play the mindless com when you can play and interact with real human.

the bad - All the voices sound very alike, feels like all the voices are done by the same person. Although multiplayers are good, its very differcult to find anyone to play with at first.

the bottomline - Another standard mah jong game in another setting will not appeal to many fans out there. Only if they could put more effort on the single player side, this would have been a good game.
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