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Name: Eye's - Your Eye's Reflection (59.00% in 10 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Escude
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Kasumi Oda

It is first game of Escude. This company is made by steps who made [She'sn] in other company They are independence and make a new company. It's all right you think the game is made by [She'sn]'s Step. There are no special things in package, just only mouse pad in package. In ordinary and boring life, the Hero has a chance for Nanpa from his teacher Asami. The hero can choose three girls and All girls have her own rival so, he can select total 6 characters!

The first in game, The teacher show you 3 heroine's photos and if you select one photo, one of 3 scenario start!

CHARACTER: Tachibana Satsuki, who reject to go to school and her mind is very closed and her friend, Chiyo, very Active girl.

Kasuga Yume, whose character is strange and unisexual. and Teacher Asami, you can fallin love (defeat) with her.

Itsuki Miyo chan, very weekness, maternity, and considerate character!! (^^;) and Haruna, Miyo chan's junior and who disturbs hero's Romance for Miyo chan.

GRAPHICS: Character Design - Design for [She'sn]'s The cartoonist(Artist). This game is designed by [She'sn]'s Designer. So if you like [She'sn]'s graphics, it's also good for you. CG Quality - Very good and high level for dot operation and coloring.

SOUND: Full Voice, Full Midi BGM. BGM - CD-DA(TRACK) only use Opening & Ending vocal. In opening, there are a good matching between Vocal and image. But ending vocal is not so good. I think The midi music is ordinary level but is well matched with game. Voice - it has some problems (no good). There are so much noisy as if it was recorded with Sound blaster series MIC-IN. So Even Character's image falls down because of noisy.

INTERFACE: generally Love-Simulation Interface. Difficulty: It is so easy, no hardness. just enjoy the game. Except Kasuga Yume's scenario, there are only two or three choices in one character. It is recommanded for someone who like pure-love story, and [She'sn].
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