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Name: Enigmatic School (40.00% in 6 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Himeya Soft
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

C's Ware is a company famous for their games Eve Burst Error, Desire, Divi-Dead, and many other Hentai games. Enigmatic School is a somewhat old game that C's Ware has released. Although C's Ware has been famous for their play-system in Eve Burst Error, many of their games are just plain simple multi-text-command system. And Enigmatic School is one of them. Basically, you just click on the available choice of place to go. Eventually, you will hit the point of special events and the story continues on.

The whole story is taken place in a female-only private high school located in the rural area of Tokyo. The school has a reputation for outstanding performance in academic field. The school seemed to be a very nice school. However, not long ago, there are many reports that several students attending the school are missing. In the beginning, the police thought it was just common case of high school student ditching their homes. However, the incident seemed to be chronicle and the missing student never did return home. As a result, you are hired by JES (Japan Educational Superintendence-Organization) to investigate the strange circumstances. You are informed by JES that you will enter the school as a teacher and find the true cause of the missing student.

The game is just another plain old multi-text-command system. You can get all the H-pics in one try. The story is nothing really exciting. You will just have fun with some of the girls involved in the kidnapping incident as well as the culprits who kidnapped the students. Overall, this is just another ordinary game released in the H-game industry. I would only recommend you to play this if you are a Hentai maniac or just a C's Ware's faithful fan.

Graphics: 6/10
Depends which version you have bought or got, you will have some differences. In a JWIN 95 version, you will get the mosaic effects during H-scenes. In CWIN95 version, there won't be any mosaic. However, there won't be any private parts shown either. CWIN95's H-scenes are more like the ones in Dokyusei, with just skin color.

Music: 5/10
There won't much music in there. Basically, it just plain voices. The voices are good, but they should have better music along with the voice.

Gameplay: 4/10
What can I say? Old multi-text command system with no multi-ending. Well, actually, it's not so bad for those people who just wanted to see H-scenes, but there won't be any fun.

Story: 7/10
The story is okay. You are just a spy hired by JES to investigate in the private school. While you are in the school, you will have fun with a girl in your class, the principal, the nur se, principal's daughter, and the daughter's slave.
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