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Name: Enigma (100.00% in 1 votes)
Type: ACT
Platform: PSX
Company: Koei Japan
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Tabris

Koei a company known for making stratgey games such as Sangokushi have taken a new turn in video gaming. They first did a new Action game Sango fighters which involved people from Sangokushi to fight in a battle arena ring like virtua fighters. Now, koei followed in the foot steps of capcom and made a game known as Enigma.

This game plays very similar to Tomb Raider/Resident Evil. One difference is that there are three characters to choose from. They all have three different starting points and three different beginning stories. For example, Akira is from Japan. He is investigating his dad's last research and is bounded by the fact that he needs to complete it in order that his father would rest in peace. But as he gets more and more into the story and research, he is drawn into a dreadful deadlock between good and evil with mysterious beings and that he would need to gather all the gems to safe the world.

As i mention before, the gameplay is very similar to Tomb Raider/ Resident Evil. The characters are in 3D blocks and the fighters unlike Tomb Raider/Resident Evil, uses fighting styles. This feature is very similar to Tekken 3's battle mode where you walk and fight.

As for the music, it is not very scary and its was not meant to be a scary type of game but the music still lacks a little "mysterious mood". Because most of the game, you uncover different incidents that is very mysterious to you, i would expect the music to be more mysterious.

Overall, the game is fairly decent, with a very interesting story line. Too bad this kind of game is not Koei's specialty because there are many ways that this game needs improvement. The part i liked the most is the Digital movies and voices similar to Resident Evil 2 where when a special event occurs this would happen. The gameplay is rather easy if you understand japanese and the monsters are fairly easy to beat besides the "boss" types. They even set traps up just like Tomb Raider but they are fairly easy because you would get a note that there are these kind of traps in this place and so on.
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