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Name: Einhander (100.00% in 2 votes)
Type: FUN
Platform: PSX
Company: SquareSoft Japan
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Tamahome

Square soft has often amaze us gamers with astonishing rpgs such as Xenogears, Parasite eve, and Final Fantasy 7. However people tend to neglect square's talent in other fields. Square besides making rpgs had also created fighting games such as Bushido blade and Tobal no.1. A year ago, squaresoft released a shooter which is amazing. Einhander is a really good 3D shooter which nobody should miss.

The game is set many years beyond the third world war. The united colonies of the Moon are at war with Earth. The moon is fighting for possession of a sacred place called "Sodom". The player is a pilot from the Moon whose mission is to fly deep into enemy territory to defeat the armies of Earth. The pilot gets to choose from one of the three new types of fighters and take it to earth for his mission. The game is very unique from other shooters. It happens in a really fast frame rate, 60 frames per second, so the action is really quick and will keep you excited. You will have to control the pilot through 7 stages to defeat the different bosses and get different weapon powerups to make the fighter better. This game allows the player to save so you won't have to replay the whole game after losing a stage from a silly mistake.

The game utilizes 3D polygon graphics, which makes the game very interesting and pretty in some action scenes. The game doesn't really have a story but the action is enough to keep the player interested in the game.

Graphics: 8/10
For a shooter it has awesome graphics. The game switches perspective through out the stages and the backgrounds are really well done. The bossess and the enemies are also really detailed and the animation of the fighters and their weapons are really well animated.

Story: 6/10
Although it doesn't really talks about the story in the game, the story is still pretty good, and heck for a good shooter you don't really need a good story with it right?

Gameplay: 9/10
The gameplay is awesome, you will get power upgrades, fight huge bosses, and the difficulty of the gameplay is hard. It is a shooter which I would call hard to finish. The action is really quick and the enemies are sometimes really blended into the background, so you'll really have to keep up your guard not to let the tricky bits get you.

Music: 8/10
It has been a while since I last played the game, so I don't really remember the exactly musical tunes of einhander, but I do remember vaguely that they are of good quality. The standard awesome music from square.

Overall: 7.75/10
The game deserves a good score, because for a shooter it is probably the best one I've played and probably the only one I really liked. I am not really into shooters, but this one really caught my attention because of the graphics and the good gameplay. I recommend all gamers to get this game, you won't regret it :)
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