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Name: EDK4: Ying Geet Chuen (70.00% in 1 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Koei Japan
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Nameless

I am not familar with japanese history, but seems this character is very well known in japanese just like those sango characters to the chinese. Very likely, if you like Koei games, you'll must already come accross a game based on him. Anyway, in this one, its based on his life, which you will play as him and watch him conquer japan.

The game is played through scenarios, after some cool animations and dialogue scenes, you will lead your generals into the battlefield. During the game, you can choice your path when given, which might alter the outcome. The battle is turn based, and there is a set of conditions required to claim victory. Most of the time, your goal will be defeating all enermy units. Each general has its own health and magic alike statics, also each one has its own special skills that make them fight best in certain terrains or weathers. Usable weapons includes spear, sword, cannon, ninja stars, guns which can be upgraded for more effective uses. beside weapons, theres only one type of basic armour, but it can be upgraded to various type later on. While on the battlefield, you can obtain helpful items when your generals liberate(take over?) villages and cities.

The Good: Simple user interface, options for speeding up game play, which is a part of reason i like Koei games.

The Bad: Since its a story based game, theres not much replay value after you finish the game. Like in many games, its kinda differcult to even up all the general's experience level, which make some of them useless during battles later on.

The Bottomline: Most Koei games are worth playing, even though its a clone from their older games. So, give it a try. One more thing, this is one of few games that actually let me learn something about japanese histroy while i play. So, now i can say it loud to my parents "see, i do learn from games" ;)
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