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Name: Amaranth 3D (55.71% in 7 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Fuga Systems
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Nameless

The game take place in another fantasy world which human and monsters co-existed peacefully. However, good things never last, as strange things begin to happen, monsters not only started to attack human, they also kidnapped the princess. Just at this moment, a amnesiaed hero emeraged. The king asked him for help, cause the magician sensed great power within the hero. He agreed to save the princess, and hopefully, finding some ways to regain his memory. Therfore, accompany by the other princess(there are 2), they set out on a journey to find the reason and the people behind the kidnapping.

You started off with only 2 characters, but people will join you along the way up to 4 in total. Each character has their strength and weakness, so configurate their attack is important. Luckily the game's configuration is very simple to use, using potions, equiping weapons, all it take just couple of clicks. I like the battle system the most in this game, it make most battles last only few seconds. There is no invisiable monsters, you fight them only if you run into them or vice versa. Instead of controlling each individual characters, you can pre configurate their style of attacking, and healing. Then the computer will automatically attack enermies and heal themselves when needed. When your levels goes higher, you can just run over those weak monsters, in turn saves you precious time.

the good - Fast paced battles, simple configuration, and beautiful svga graphics make this one worthy of your time and the hard drive space.

the bad - Quick battle also arise some problems, its very hard to control your own character. The game is over when any of your character dies in battle, so the computer controlled character can heal themselves automatically, but your own character have to be healed manually. So its wise to save the game often, cuase my character always got killed instantly after venturing into new areas with new monsters. Lastly, most rpg are so linear, which means low replayability.

the bottomline - Not all translated games are great games, to me atleast, but its worth a try. This one however, i would recommend it to all levels of role playing gamers. With so many great aspects, it make me actually try to complete the game instead of just playing it for couple of hours.
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