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Name: Dream of Star
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: SunSoft
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Nameless

With all these cute anime like characters, looks like another popular japanese titles has been translated for the chinese game players. This game is about a scenary photographer got a new assignment from his boss. Instead of taking landscape pics, he will need to find a underaged model and try to make her the winner in a beauty contest. To fail or succeed is all up to your decisions you made and some luck would help too.

This game has a time limit, so do your plannings carefully. The player started off in his apartment, you need to pick your schedule for the coming weeks. You can choice to improve your picture taking skills on scenary and people, or get a part time job and earn some extra cash, or improve your health, so you can visit more places during your day offs, or just go help out at the church. Every week, you will get two days off, sunday and any day of your choices. This is the only time you get to visit places and try your luck finding the perfect models. While you visiting places, you can interact with some of the characters in the game, and some can only be found on certain days or places. Beside that, there are serval random events will pop up while you searching around which can affect some of your statics and money.

The Good: The game is very big, many areas(20+) you can visit, alot of pics you can collect, varies endings which lead to high replay value. The graphics are nicely done, certainly much better than the screen pics that come with this review.

The Bad: Well, i don't see any major pitfalls in it yet.

The Bottomline: I am not a fan of avg games, so can't say much about it. still, any game that got replayability, its worth playing, especially for all your avg fans out there.
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