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Name: Dragon Knight 4 (74.58% in 48 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: DOS
Company: Elf
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Tabris

Being the fourth Dragon Knight game, this game lives up to every standard in the name itself. This game is also introduced in Playstation and now they are currently negotiating to make the game for Saturn. As you can tell, the two leading gaming systems thinks that this game has its upside. Also Gamebox, brought the Chinese version home to many people in Asia as well.

Why are there so many companies releasing this game out for gamers when this game is made two years ago? Well, one of the reasons probably is the fact that this game has the best Story in RPG for home PCs. The story is about the Prince of darkness is bringing darkness over the many kingdoms all over the world. At the same time, a young boy sets out for his journey in becoming a true knight. Over the course of events, he vows to kill the prince and revive all the people that are put to stone by the black fog. On his way to the castle, he meets many companions that also wants to get rid of the evil lurking in the world. Just when you think you beat the Prince, think again. Because he will use his magic to turn everyone to stone and imprison you. Then you start the game over as a mysterious knight that goes back into the past and change your defeat.

The music is not bad overall since the game is made in dos mode. The graphics in this game lives up the expectation of ELF. The same person who did Doukyusei 1 and 2 did the original drawing. That is also another point that I am attracted to the game. Being a tactical game lover, I love how the characters arranged themselves as magic user, dragon knight, knight, Archery, cannon user, ninja and utilities person. The H-scenes in this game is just like Doukyusei where the mouse turns into a hand. Surprisingly, the kid is very perverted and usually takes advantage of the situation to "get some" with the girl. There are secrets that strengthen your defense, attack, and special characters that you can rescue on the way to the castle. Thus the game is a very interesting blend of RPG, Tactics, as well as H.

What intrigues me the most in this game is that you have to beat the game twice to see the real ending and that you go back in the past as the mysterious knight is also the selling point. Yet, Playstation does not have the H-scenes in the game but improved in the graphics. I think Saturn can hold true to the H-scenes in the game and also improve on the drawings. So for all the gamers out there that likes tactical games and H-games, Dragon Knight 4 is the game to play.
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