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Name: Dousokai - Yesterday Once More (78.75% in 8 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Fairy Tale
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Tabris

Brief summary: Years have pass since the last meeting with the girls from the high school tennis club. It is a one-week get away to a town and all expense paid for. There are a total of 6 girls and 4 guys going on the trip and there are a couple more girls you meet. In this game, you have a week's time to either remake the memories of your first love, help your friends to fall in love, or simply make a new loveà after all, you have a chance to relive `Yesterday Once More`.

The Game-play is very similar to Doukyusei 1 and 2. A walk about the town and encounter different events and make different responses that can eventually lead up to different storiesà Yet, there is a distinct difference between the two games. There is no time limit. If there were a special event, your time of the day would increase until the special event is over. This would eventually end the day unless there is another special event. Also, the story is affected on where you spend your time, where you go, whom you talk to, and eventually a whole different story for each girl. The stories, in my opinion, are better than Doukyusei 1 and 2 and Kakyusei. You can say this game is more romantic.

I must comment on the graphics in this game. It is totally AWESOME. Being displayed in windows, the designers took advantage of the 256 colors and 16 bit and made the graphics in this game totally stand out then all other game I played for Jwin95. Now there is more games like this such as Pia Carrot 2, Vestal Virgin, and Douskyusei Jwin95 version, but I think I seen it first done in this game. Also, there are images that change during the game when you play. Such as, when you're talking to one of the six character s in the game, there are face changes that gives you an idea of when she is mad, when she is happy, and when she blushes. There are also some other changes such as taking off clothing during H. If you are only look for meaningless sex games, this is not a game for you because there is only like 2-4 H scenes and that you have to play very long to get the ending.

Another subject I must mention about this game is the great quality in music. There are two modes to choose from in music. One is midi, and the other is CD-DA. If you are playing a version downloaded from the net, you cannot hear the original sound in CD. Yet, if you run from CD, you would have the option of hearing music from CD or midis.

It just seems like that all games are getting better and better. No offense to all the others who still plays the dos version games but this game and some other games I played in Jwin95 just ruined me for all games that runs under dos. Since there is only 16 color for dos and developers are now taking advantage of the 256-16bit coloring, directX control in Win95, and full CD version, the quality of games are getting higher and higher.
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