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Name: Doukyusei 2 OVA (48.89% in 9 votes)
Platform: VHS/VCD
Company: PinkPineApple
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Tamahome

People who are familiar with the series Doukyusei should probably love it. Doukyusei 1 was made for Dos/V quite a while ago. It is pretty good and fun. Doukyusei 2 was made in 1995 with a Win95 versionm saturn and psx version released afterwards. It is a great hit, and I personally loved it. Doukyusei 3 is due pretty soon supposedly. Well back to the topic, Pinkpineapple is a company that translates most of these games like Pia carrot, Doukyusei and even Isaku into anime. The first Doukyusei anime was okay. The quality of the animation was not amazing, nor are the drawings. It has too much hentai scenes in it.

After seeing how successful Doukyusei 2 did in the gaming industry. PinkPineapple decides to strike again and make it into an anime. This time I was amazed at it. Not only is the animation good, but the drawings are very good for an anime. Some of the characters look even prettier in the anime than in the game. The anime is rated PG-15 for the mild sex scenes, but other than that, I would really call this a normal anime rather than a hentai one. The characters are done by famous voice actors and actresses. In the game, the character never talks and is created by the player. PinkPineapple created a main character and named him Makoto. The voice actor for Makoto is the same voice actor who did Tenchi in Tenchi muyo. The mother of Yui is voice acted by the same voice actress who did Belldandy.

The series is currently up to episode 10. The first episode talks about one of the major characters from the game, Karen, the famous singer. The plot of the whole thing is about how Karen feels that she is wasting her youth by spending it on the entertainment industry and Makoto is there to cheer her on :) Of course each episode being 30 minutes long don't really have a huge exagerrated plot. However each episode links to one an other in the sense that Yui always get jealous of Makoto getting close to other girls. In the end I heard they are married or something :)

Art Work: 9/10
Awesome artwork. Not only is the animation smooth and the backgrounds detailed, but the characters are quite different from teh game too.

Voice acting: 8/10
Good voice acting, The part of Karen, Yui and Makoto was done really nicely.

Music: 8/10
Many of the music tracks are well done. The anime does not have an opening song, but there is an ending song and I liked that one a lot.

Rewatch Value: 7/10
I have to say that because the plot is really not that elaborated, the rewatch value is really not that high, unless you enjoy a little humor and have nothing to do, you really wouldn't want to watch it more than twice a month.

Overall: 8/10
Doukyusei 2 is an anime that is really well done. it is original, it has good art work and the characters are pretty :) I would recommend this anime for people who enjoys the Doukyusei series or just wants to watch a cool dating anime :)
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