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Name: Sango Heroes Legend 2 (70.00% in 3 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Odin
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Nameless

ñT¦O+s¡^¦¦ 2

With so many games out there bearing the sango name, I am sure most of you are familar with the histroy and the characters in it, if not, shame on you. Anyway, this is just another well made real time strategy game using the sango trademark to appeal all the fans out there. If you have played the first one back in 1997, you will notice that there is not much change in the graphic engines the game use, and suprisingly, even all the sound effects remain enchanged. The only thing being added is the expanded overworld map, more special skills and more characters.

The game itself is pretty straight forward, you as the leader, will command your generals, and even the leader to capture other cities until you control all the land to claim victory. At the beginning of every year, you can send generals to recruit more generals, find army scrolls, and sometimes special weapon. On the other hand, your generals can go improving your own cities, which in turn, will produce more gold, better defence, and allow more generals to be held in a city. During the year which is in real time, you can try to capture other cities or just heal up the army. A battle will occur when two armies meets up and the battle ends when all the generals on either side is defeated or escaped. The only really new features added to this game is to have an advisor during a battle, An advisor allow you to use one of few stratgys that may change the outcome of the battle to your liking, and people with high intelligence score will usually have better stratgys to use.

the good - well, the fun part of this game is variety of special skills of each generals that you can use during the battle, as level goes higher, more skills avaiable. Now, featuring twice as many chararcters and cities as well. all the graphics are crispy as in the first one, and now all the character portrits are anime alike, so looks kinda cute.

the bad - well, i guess all the sound effects is still orginal. The battle gets kinda repetitous now, since you can't imprison your POW like the previous one. Special skills are preset.

the bottomline - addictive for all, either you already played the first one or playing this for the first time.
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