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Name: Samurai Spirits RPG (80.00% in 7 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: PSX
Company: Neo Geo
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Tabris

If you have been a fan of Samurai Spirits the fighting game for Neo Geo, then this game is definitly one to add to your list. Even though the graphics on this game does not match its competition of RPG games in the two main console systems, the storyline and gameplay is sure enough to grab a lot of attention...

The story for each character is similar but different in many ways. There are two scenarios. First is the fight against Legendary Samurai, the second fight is against the Witch. Yet, the characters you choose can affect the story in little ways. There are six characters in which you can begin your game with, Haohmaru, Ukyo, Nakoruru, Cham Cham, Genjuro, and Galford. Each with a different starting point and begining. For example, Galford's beginning is him meeting up Hanzo. The gameplay for the first Scenario is fairly simple. Yet, the second scenario is rather difficult. i say this because there are a lot of enemies that attacks you but you only have one or two people to fight them with. This is because a "slot" is saved for the an original character to the game. Personally i think this mysterious person is really well designed (not to mention powerful). He wears a white ninja suit with a black shoulder armour sticking out.

Also, the gameplay is really original. Like the guy from Final Fantasy 6, where you do special moves by moving the joypad, this game can be done this way as well (you can choose if you want to do it by hand or jus choose the special move you want to do). Also Neo-Geo version have an advantage in that, you can block and dodge special moves by moving the joypad as well. The anger bar is also present in this game so you can get the anger move by executing when your mad. But the anger moves have to be learned from somewhere in the game (like Haohmaru, you have to learn it from the teacher). The opening screen is decent, and the music is not bad.

Final note, I really liked the storyline in this game in that every character have similar but different story. They have different opening places, and even though you walk the same places, different things can happen to you. The game play for this game is really nice too. I love how the special moves from the fighting game is transferred to RPG special moves. Even though both stories are made on the fighting game already as part 2 and 3 (if i remembered right... correct me if i m wrong) but in a fighting game, not much is explained about the background of characters and the background of the situation. Being able to play the RPG of the two stories, it shows me the "idea" behind the fighting games done before which i thought is nice. And another point i like about the game is the special character because i think he is pretty cool ^_^
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