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Name: Sakura Taisen Ep4 (82.00% in 5 votes)
Platform: VHS/VCD
Company: Red
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Staisen

Sakura Taisen is a very popular Sega Saturn game released by Red. Its popularity has spawed several art-books, figurines and a sequel. This OVA is based on the first Sakura Taisen game and it has four episodes that last for half an hour each.

I am, however, only reviewing the fourth episode here as it isthe most accessible for non-Sakura Taisen fans. (The otherthree episodes deal with how the various members join theHanagumi, a group that defends Kyoto in an alternate Japani but masquerades as a play-troup. They primarily serve as a filler for what goes on before the first Sakura Taisen game.)In brief, this hilarious episode takes place during the first Sakura Taisen game and it shows how Oogami struggles to find a place for himself in the Hanagumi. In the end, Oogami, with encouragement from the other Hanagumi members, decides to produce a play. However, on the opening night, Kyoto is attacked. Will the Hanagumi defend Kyoto and sacrifice the play?

Like the game, the character designs and voice acting in thisvideo are superb. Fans of the game will already have heard the accompanying songs but they should still enjoy them. Theescapades that Oogami finds himself in will have leave mostpeople laughing and the interaction between the variouscharacters are true to the spirit of the game. For action fans,there is also a battle sequence that is really quite good. Even if you're not a fan of Sakura Taisen, give this video a try. Youwon't be disappointed.

Pros: entertaining storyline, wonderful characters, well-drawn pictures, melodious music... What's there not to like?

Cons: The VCD might be difficult to track down.

Recommended For: All Anime Fans.
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