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Name: Saint Eyes (91.25% in 8 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: TGL - Japanese
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Tabris

With the wave of Ultima like STG games hitting the market, TGL a well known chinese game creator also decides to create a game about struggling powers and Good vs Evil. (well what else would a STG game be about)

The story behind this game is not a very original one. But it makes a great scenario for a STG game none the less. In the beginning, there was two big kingodms fighting for power, while both kings are nearing their deaths, so was the war to try and conquer the whol continent. After the kings died, the successor of One of the kingdom (i have no idea what the name is since they are words of sound in chinese put all together to make an english sounding word.) Kingdom One's successor, secretly build his army and started taking over. On the other hand, the prince of Kingdom two couldn't succeed in taking control of the throne since others are against it. Thereby making the kingdom split into two groups, the "High rule" and the "king's men". This was just the prologue, and the story starts after this.

The story starts when this girl are rounding up defense against the theives. At because of this fight, her life changed with it. Since she won the battle, the king's men ask her to help as a side army to help fight against Kingdom One. And your lifeof protecting the prince doesn't stop here, you have to deal with the monsters from the dark ages. These monsters, are caused by the war, and by the end you will know the power controlling these monsters and the soldiers and the truth about the dark ages.

This game is a fairly HARD strategic game. Not only do you have a limit of a certain amount of people to choose to be by yourside, they also have a max level of 5.

I will quickly explain the people that can be in your army. The usual there is a Fighter, whom have the best attacking power. Second there is a Girl Fighter, whom have the second best attacking power but this is compensated for her agility and quickness of weapon attack. Third person is the knight. This knight, have a low attacking power and agility compared to the two fighters, but it makes it up with the shield and defense. This shield is use to block all on coming attacks making minimal damage. And without the shield, the Knight have a the highest defense in the game. Fourth, is the magician. Slowest speed and lowest defense. But his fireball is the strongest in the game. The fireball causes an explosion which will also do damage to your own people as well. Keep this in mind when you use them, because my own magician killed off a lot of my men =P. Fifth is the clergy, whom heals people, nothing special. Sixth is the scout. This scout is mighty useful. He have the quickiest agility and the ability to plant mines. I use this scout a lot to plant mines and lure the enemy to the mines and afterwards attack them. About the how tos in the game, you can go to training mode and learn.

But besides that, TGL did a great job of giving entertainment to the entire age group. This game is quiet addictive. And to top it all of, it is VERY difficult. I mean i played the easy mode and i was getting kill here and there. There is simply too many enemies to take care of and you only have a small army. Luckily to buy more soldiers doesn't cost as much. You can easily afford a kill there or two. But if you have a guy that is at max level and got killed (which i suffered from) i would reload =). Another point to the game though, is that the main characters don't die. So abuse them!

Pros - Good Graphics (not superb though), nice game, and great gameplay. Not a bad game overall. Especially the strategic gameplay is very hard which made it so intense.

Cons - Not a very original story, Very disappointing when it comes to the characters and their levels and power. As well as an extended game play (the story could have ended a long time before but TGL decides to drag the game on)

Final Statement - If you like STG games, you might want to check this one out. There is no need for chinese fonts since the game offers its own font package and the entire game takes a VERY long time to beat. So prepare for at least a day or two spent on the game.
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