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Name: Viper BTR (55.18% in 83 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: PC-98
Company: Sogna
Release date: 1994
Reviewed by: ProtoCat

Viper BTR is a Viper game like any other in the series, save the fact it was only made for the NEC PC9801. The story that Viper BTR had was later re-released with Viper V12 as Magical Gambler Totocalciomi. Chances are you will only play this game using a PC98 emulator such as ANEX86. But we'll treat this like any other game in the review, ignoring emulation glitches .

The Viper series are known for three things, very nice looking animated scenes, almost no gameplay whatsoever, and almost no plot to go with it. This is a perfect combination for people who either don't care about a plot and gameplay or can't read Japanese (like me).

Like Viper GTS, this game has only one story in it. From what I can put together, it deals with a young girl, named Ruri, who was a heavy gambler. Ruri was visited by a pair of faries that looked like dice. They gave her a magical wand that could grant wishes for her. She made a wish that she was an adult and hit the town. Her goal was to lose her virginity. Pretty simple plot.

During the game there is a sequence where the girl challenges a gang to a game of mahjong. And yes! You actually play mahjong! So that is the only real game play other than mindless pointing and clicking. You will need to know how to play mahjong to complete the sequence. I myself do not and I had to sit there for a long while doing a lot of guessing and hoping I somehow did not totally blow it.

I am positive if I knew how to play mahjong the game would be a lot shorter than it lasted. It's a small game with almost no replay value due to the fact you can watch all the animations after you beat the game. To break it down, it all comes down to this... Do you really want to see two sex scenes, one of which is real short, that badly? Must you play every Viper game out there, even if you already played Viper V12? If the answer is no to either of those, there are better Viper games out there such as GTS.


Graphics - 7/10 This game is very old and with a limited pallete of colors due to what was available on the NEC PC9801 at the time. It looks nice, but nothing revolutionary. The NEC PC9801 is a primarily hentai game oriented platform and I've seen better looking games. It gets a 7 due to the fact its totally animated. The Viper V12 version looks much nicer.

Story - N/A Since my Japanese language knowlege is at nil it would be unfair for me to judge it. But if from what I've put together, it's probably not something that amazing. This story was re-used in V12, so judge for yourself.

Gameplay - 3/10 There's gameplay in this? Seriously, it ranks higher than some other Vipers in this catagory because you actually play something for part of the game. While limited at one ending and having no replay value, you actually do something.

Music - 6/10 Decent music. Once again average in this catagory. The voices aren't clear at all in the version I played, but that is an emulation limitation. It gets 1 point above average for actually having voices.
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